Denver's Pilgrim Ponders The Death of Advertising

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On All Hallow's Eve, Pilgrim's creative department ponders their futures in this business. Makeup and styling by Monster Makeup FX. Photos by Chris Clemens. Shot on location at Metal Movers.


I'm not sure what the point of this is, other than the fact that it made me think about my friend who got killed in a car wreck. Nice makeup and photos, but disturbing in a not great way.


It's unfortunate that you lost a friend in a car accident, anon one. But I'm pretty sure Pilgrim wasn't trying to fuck with your psyche. The point? Read the blurb. It's in honor of all hollow's eve. As in, "boo". And maybe sharing a great photographer with the community. I get it. I like it. And I thank you for sharing it, Pilgrim. Your costumes are a lot cooler than mine. Now where's my candy?

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