Finall Call for the 2013 Denver Fifty

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Ever catch yourself thinking you’d be happier collecting garbage than producing it? Allow us to offer some free career advice: Don’t enter the Denver Fifty.

That way, everyone else in town will have a chance to shine and you can move on to greener pastures: wearing a day-glo vest and disposing of discarded leftovers, grubby dental floss and Q-tips covered in brownish-gold goo.

The choice is yours. Deadline for The Fifty is November 1st. Enter at

Photography: John Johnston
Agency: Barnhart Communications
Talent: Matt Ingwalson


These ads are RUDE. A bunch of fucking elitists created these. Maybe you should haul your own trash to the dump.


Seriously. Blue collar doesn't equal shitty. I'd rather be a mechanic than an accountant.

I don't think any of the people in the promos are accountants.

Before being hired at CP&B Alex used to ask, "What would you do if not advertising." If your answer wasn't "nothing" you weren't hired. People in this industry are passionate. These ads are clearly an exaggeration directed solely at the passionate creatives in our advertising community. Chill out.

^^^ lulz

The reality is, every single one of us is creating shit in someones eyes. I still don't understand how people don't realize that it's all just a matter of opinion when it comes to what's "good" and whats "bad"... at least, most of the time. I personally think 75% of the stuff that gets into shows like these is just boring anyway...

That could be the dumbest interview question i've ever heard of. I guess if you want a 1 dimensional employees that you will work to the bone with a burnout rate.

So be in an industry that helps people shill worthless crap, or be a bum. Personally i'd rather be a bum then work for a dbag that would think that.

Don't mistake ego for passion. The real world doesn't consist of Alec Baldwin glengarry glen ross type "motivational" speeches.

You don't have to put yourself in a mentality like you're only trying to sell yourself to the agency. the agency should be selling themselves to you as an employee. Passion isn't busting your ass to make someone else rich.

Passion is doing what you want for your own reasons. Not because ZOMG CP&B might want to hire me!!! They'll open tons of doors for me if I burn myself out for them

C''s just a concept to enter an award show...! If the 2013 Fifty call for entries campaign hurt your feelings, then you might not want to see what the INTL ANDY AWARDS did way back in 2005,


..btw, ANDY campaign great work from CU alum art director Andy Dao, now with Mother-NY


Peace out=

you're right. why expect better, more original concepts from people who want to judge your work

AKA why expect tools not to blast work on TDE to make themselves feel better.

If the agency is selling itself to employees, as you put it wanker2, then they should enter the 50. It's a way to tell prospective creative that great work matters to you. You do care and you are passionate.

The Fifty is different in that it's really not an award show where you need to hoist some shiny trophy. It's more about showcasing a collection of work. Some you may agree with. Some you may not. But it serves as a barometer of what's happening in the Colorado scene and what collectively we need to do to continue taking the game to the next level.

If what you're saying is true, and I'm not saying it isn't, then do you think these ads communicate that well?

Maybe I'm too dumb to get it.

@wanker2 care to share your work and let us all judge anonymously on TDE or enter an award show that's judged by respected people in our industry?

Looks like we got a bunch of anonymous people fired up. That's really too bad that some people think we are making fun of the blue collar worker. I don't think that was the intent at all. Unfortunately our society now makes us think that blue collar is shitty. It didn't use to be that way, but It must be the way a lot of people view it. When Barnhart asked me to shoot these, I didn't get that feeling that they were trying to make fun of that type of worker. I think it was more to show that you will be doing something else that maybe you don't want to if you don't enter. Would it be better if we had someone in a Starbucks outfit selling latte's and scones? I don't know. Maybe that would hit closer to home since I know a few art directors made coffee on the side while starting out. I think the point was to show them out of their element of what the do as a creative. It could have really been any other job. For me I feel very fortunate to do what I do everyday. I would hope that all of you do as well. Im sure that is what Barnhart was going for. Make sure you don't lose what you have. You may end up doing something else you may not want to do.

There is probably no point in arguing . I can see both sides on this.
I appreciate the willingness and time that Mike, Holly, Matt, and Norm gave to this. I also want to point out that Kathy McKay helped out dirtying these people up.

I hope you all enter a bunch of great work.

You want my work as a garbage man judged?

Clearly the Fifty is trying to hurt people like wanker2's feelings--mission accomplished. Now everyone quit crying and get to your job be it in advertising or the custodial arts.

just a note, when you resort to pathetic devices like 'oh looks like someone's feelings got hurt' you're basically telling everyone, I have nothing constructive to say or share.

this is the equivalent of taking your ball and going home because you can't hold an adult conversation.

I guess we can't have a conversation to critique and better each other, and anyone who doesn't like something posted on TDE is just a hater or a troll.

Heaven forbid we try to better ourselves.

Well all right then. Guess I gotta go quit playing, cause someone took their ball and went home.

Butt hurt.

Holy shit, what a great argument.

Let us know when you get your GED, and then maybe we can have an adult conversation.

In the meantime, maybe you'd enjoy perusing 4chan for a while.

This is the first and last time I'll weigh-in regarding this campaign. I'd like to thank Mike, Holly, Norm, and Matt for letting us shoot them and for having a sense of humor. And John, for taking the pics and sharing an intelligent point of view in the comments. For the record, this was intended to be a commentary and how easily a career can spiral into the shitter if you don't at least try to do good work. It's about what could hypothetically happen to someone who lets their abilities atrophy. It's about having to resort to doing something other than advertising for a living. I appreciate my plumber, my mechanic, cafeteria ladies and the guy who carts off my garbage. Maybe there is no truth in this for everyone, but there's a truth in it for me. If your work is mediocre, maybe you should hang it up or change your situation. If you make a living perpetuating the kind of lame-ass shit that gives us all a bad name, maybe it's time you found something better aligned with your current skill set. Maybe the truth is the truth hurts for those who have nothing but a paycheck to show for their efforts come Denver Fifty time. As for wanker2, I think you're embarrassing yourself. I think you should just shut up. That's my opinion. I rest my case.

Well said Cameron. You elevated the creative product here in Denver in your short time here. You'll be missed. Good luck to you and your family.

As for wanker2 he said it himself, he's "too dumb to get it".

"If your work is mediocre, maybe you should hang it up or change your situation. If you make a living perpetuating the kind of lame-ass shit that gives us all a bad name, maybe it's time you found something better aligned with your current skill set."

like this cliche piece? ooh, so original!

and way to perpetuate the elitist attitude of the advertising industry.

congratulations on your award winning work of convincing someone to buy a fucking whopper instead of a big mac, or whatever you're shilling for.

you're doing god's work

Said the guy who hides behind the anonymous handle.

oh the irony

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