Don't End Up Like Norm, Enter The 2013 Denver 50

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Would you mind going home every day looking like a car just crapped on you? If not, then feel free to blow off the fifty and prepare yourself for a new career as a grease monkey.

But if you’d rather continue wearing flip-flops to work and showering when you feel like it, you may want to consider entering The Fifty. Your work will be recognized by all of the best creatives in town, ensuring your advertising career has an impressive lifespan.

The deadline is November 1st. Enter Here.

Photographer: John Johnston Photography
Agency: Barnhart Communications
Talent: Norm Shearer


I'm really not getting these. I guess i'm too stupid or something. They're trying to us that if we aren't recognized by our local design community, we will have to take some kind of blue collar job?

Let's forget that they are basically putting down blue collar people who do the good work that most everyone needs, because it's so noble to help sell a bunch of crap no one most likely needs.

But we can't just do good work without getting jerked off by our fellow creatives?

I really should stop reading this site, cause it just makes me ashamed to be in this industry.

Couldn't agree more. This is disrespectful and unimaginative.

^^^ This.

I think it's horse shit to use other professions as poster children to promote our smugish tendencies as creatives.

Awards should be given when campaigns spike an increase in revenue for companies not because other creatives think it's sweet.

So are you suggesting campaigns that creatives think are sweet cannot spike increase in revenue?

The Leo Burnett Gunn Report reports the following: 73% of 'creatively-rewarded' campaigns also successfully meet their sales goals.

If you believe they should give award based solely on cash register rings, then get rid of the Oscars. The Hurt Locker deserves to lose to Transformers 7: Ascent of the Merchandisebots.

Oh, come on. It's a just joke, you guys. I actually think it's pretty funny to see the local creative badasses get humiliated a little bit.

People are getting their panties in a wad over this? It's a Call for Entries for an award show for Christ Sake! It may not be a great idea, but I'm more embarrassed by the comments above.

...said the guy that came up with the idea.

Said the guy with nothing to entrr

It's funny because it's true. If you suck at design you will have to clean the creative directors' toilets when they get clogged because you couldn't find work in this industry. Some people can't handle the truth.

It's just not a good idea because it's not true. Great work has a foot in relevance as well as creativity.

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