The First Old Navy Work Since CP+B Lost the Account

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We're not feeling these in the slightest. Is it the background animation colors or the just-okay-looking talent that's making the clothes look so ugly? Either way, bleh. Agency: Chandelier Creative. Director: Roman Coppolla.


Wow. Those are a whole lot of lame.

There's way too much of the animated background elements and not enough of what they're actually supposed to be advertising.

yeah, wowzah...not good

While I do agree with Kristen's point about the product perhaps not receiving appropriate focus in some of the ads, I don't agree with a blanket disapproval.

The only deal breaker for me is the music, which is ill-suited to the fantastical, 1930s-style animation. The songs are rock 'n' roll so the feel of all the visuals should follow that.

All that said, the context for these ads isn't a vacuum filled with ad people and artists, it's television. Despite the audiovisual mish-mash, that medium rewards attention-grabbing at nearly any cost. C'est la vie...

Yeah these aren't conceptual which is what everyone around here likes to hide behind but they're fun and look great on TV. And Old Navy is a fun brand and it's a fun store full of cheap and fun clothing. CP&nomore+B's work for them felt cold, off putting and strange for strange's sake. The plastic people almost did more to make fun of the brand and the consumer. These new spots serve as more of a backdrop and they are a helluva lot more fun to watch. Sorry Denver ad people there doesn't always have to be some 'big idea'. Sometimes leading with the personality of the brand is the big idea. And after what CPB did to them they desperately needed to reestablish their brand.

Don't want them to be conceptual. Just want them not to suck.

You say tomato.

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