Denver's Sean Herman Has a Baby, Gets Inspired to Make 'Kid Studio' App

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Denver designer/developer Sean Herman recently went from two family members to three. Having a kid inspired him to create a new iPad app aimed at childhood development.

About the App
“As a father and creative professional, I’ve found many kids’ apps to be linear and traditional,” says Sean Herman, creator of KidStudio. “There are a million apps out there for learning the ABCs and how to count, I wanted to build and develop a unique tool that would enable learning through music and creative expression.”

The app has four main activities that serve as the learning platform for kids in their toddler years. A digital notepad where kids can draw and learn colors. They can use premade coloring books, or just make their own creations. Next is a music production center for kids that has beats, a xylophone, a keyboard, some drum samples, and a turntable to scratch with. Enabling kids to make fun music using the sounds of our generation. Also there is an area where kids can learn the fundamentals of shapes and colors by playing fun games. And last but not least, is an area that pushes kids go outside and engage with nature by giving them things to search out in the name of exploration. With a strong focus on fun, engagement, and usability, KidStudio is another step in the right direction for educational technology.

Download it here.


Thanks for the post guys! :D

Well done Herman.
Looks like fun!

This is so cool man. Downloaded.

A great dad makes a great app.

Ingenious! Love it.

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