Denver Advertising Originals and Partners Since 1975 Cap Their Sharpies for Good

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As of a week ago, October 1, 2013, George Pollack and Larry Norman have retired from advertising after a 35-year partnership.

In 1975, Tracy-Locke Advertising hired the pair to work on the prestigious Mountain Bell account. The two became a formidable and well-respected creative team as well as good friends and were soon voted by their peers as the number one writer/art-director team in this part of the country.

George and Larry moved to Evans and Bartholomew and dominated the awards shows on
accounts that included: United Banks, Central Banks, CompreCare, RTD, State of Colorado, Celestial Seasonings Teas, Keystone Resort, Coors and dozens of others. The team of Pollack and Norman was so successful that after a period of time Evans became Evans Bartholomew Pollack Norman Advertising where the two shared a Co-Presidency.

In 1993, Larry and George formed Pollack Norman Advertising, where they worked on accounts that included: Rose Medical Center, KN Energy, en•able, Aerie Networks, Neodata, FASTAFF Travel Nursing, Convergent Group, UGC Consulting, Cherry Creek Eye Center, and others.

In 2004, Pollack Norman Advertising became Propel Advertising and the two partners and
friends galvanized their expertise in branding, b2b and b2c for clients that included: Cobe
Cardiovascular, Sorin Group, Invision, Access Care, KOA Properties, Pilates in the Pines and several others.

Congrats on a game well played, guys.



Wow, did you ever think it was going to lead to this?
Congrats guys it was a pleasure working with you so often over the years. Never a dull moment, a sense of humor was key to the work and professionalism was a reflection of the work.
I'm glad to say we became friends over the years, poker...Donna playing George at Howard's Halloween party...etc.
The best to you both for the rest of the journey.

stay amused

Jim Phelan

Sorry but I have to chime in. Pollack Norman was primarily respnsible for a really rotten start to my time in Denver, and my marriage. I interviewed with them in the winter of 2000, they liked my work, and offered my a job. I left a great job in London to come over here. I got married, found an apartment, and was counting down the days until I started at PN. But I heard nothing from them. On my birthday, a week before my official start date, I decided to call and check in, see what I needed to bring on my first day, all that. That's when I got the awkward "oh yeah, Paul...yeah, we can't actually afford to bring you on right now. Sorry, that's advertising."
If I hadn't called, I wonder if they would have even givin me a second thought. I was stuck in Denver with no contacts, no real portfolio established, no friends as yet, a new wife and apartment, and these clowns didn't even have the balls to call and tell me things had changed. I get the ad biz is tough, but to handle it this way was awful. It totally threw me for a loop and it being 2001, no one was hiring. No one. I will never forget the way they treated me.

What a run! George and Larry were a great team and I feel honored and privileged to have worked for them. I am still proud of all the work we did together over the years and will always cherish my time at PNA and Propel. Enjoy your retirement, guys!

Congratulations George and Larry! It has been fun!!!!!

I saw their reel. The Pollack Norman reel. It had Where's The Beef? on it. Don't recall Cliff Freeman ever being on their team. Bunch of wannabes.

I still tell at least one Pollack Norman story a month. You guys are some of the craziest people I've known in this crazy industry.

Bring back the beards now that you're retired.

All the best,


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