Nice to See Some Colorado Agencies in the CA Advertising Annual

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Although there aren't as many as we'd hope to see, two Boulder agencies won their way into the prestigious annual this year — CP+B and TDA. Following is the work deemed worthy. Congratulations, you guys.

"After sixteen years without advertising, Grey Poupon launched a new tagline and mission to 'Spread good taste,' and released lost footage from the iconic TV spot from the 1980s. A trailer for the online film debuted during the classiest night of the year, the 2013 Academy Awards, and Grey Poupon build a robust social and immersive digital experience to drive traffic to the film online." Category: Digital Advertising. Agency: CP+B.

"Old Navy's summer campaign tapped into the insight that shoppers are at their most social during the summer. It's when the calendars fill up with invites to barbecues, pool parties and family vacations. And they look to Old Navy to find the perfect outfit for these events. Old Navy wanted to kick off this campaign with a stunt that somehow involved their iconic flip-flops, wile building excitement for the upcoming summer season." Category: Non-Traditional Advertising. Agency: CP+B.

"Ace Scholarships is a Denver-based nonprofit organization that raises money to provide partial tuition scholarships to low-income children in grades K-12. To highlight the relationship between high school dropout and incarceration rates, we wrapped a school bus to look like a prison bus. The message is simple: better education leads to less incarceration." Category: Non-Traditional Advertising. Agency: TDA.


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