Denver's Chris Cox Launches Tumblr Site to House His Scrapbook of Drawings

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The multi-talented visualizer Chris Cox recently fired up a Tumblr blog that features his personal and commercial illustrations. It's really fun to run through on a Friday afternoon. So go do that.


Tasty as hell. Really cool stuff.

Great illustration work, I definitely took a look at their Tumblr.

nobody loves chris cox like chris cox

Truer words have never been said.

well we're not judging his ego. we're admiring his work.

Thanks for the mention and for supporting the local creative scene Egotist. Much appreciated.

I think I work hard until I see how Chris spends his time. Talented bastard too. And if I were this good an illustrator, I'd love myself as well. No one faulted Ali for it.

Great Tumblr site already full of some great work. I'm always amazed at the quality and scope of your output. Looking forward to seeing more new stuff and some classics up there in the near future. Thanks for sharing Chris.

I love his work too! Nice job man.

Tons of impressive illustrations. Nice work, nice call out by Egotist.

Awesome and inspiring illustration as always my friend. Love it!

Chris Cox is the nicest and hardest working guy I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and the quality of work pooping up each time on that tumbler will not go un-noticed.

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