Want a Pair of Legitimate, Lucky Underwear? Better Hurry

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A lot of people have lucky underwear. But just how legit are they? Fruit of the Loom decided to eliminate all doubt and actually make some. For real. Today, Fruit of the Loom launched Lucky Looms, a limited-edition batch of legitimately lucky underwear. These 2,000 pairs of undies – 1,000 men's, 1,000 women's — have been infused with good vibes from some of the luckiest places in America, including the Seven Star Cavern Chinatown Wishing Well in Los Angeles, CA; the Winged Figures of the Republic at the Hoover Dam in Boulder City, NV; the world’s largest four-leaf clover collection in Soldotna, Alaska; and the world’s largest horseshoe in Martinsville, IL. Each pair is branded with a unique number as well as a Lucky Looms seal and will arrive in specially marked packaging. Lucky Looms are on sale for $10 each at www.luckylooms.com. Good luck snagging a pair. Agency: CP+B.


Looks like a fun road trip! Cute.

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