University of Colorado Hospital and Cactus Start a Fight with Lung Cancer

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When Cactus was tasked with creating a memorable campaign that would bring awareness to the remarkable work being done by the University of Colorado Cancer Center at University of Colorado Hospital, they knew they had to go beyond category standard claim-driven ads and connect with the audience on an emotional level.

Their challenge was to take an impressive statistic — lung cancer survival rates up to 4x the national average — and communicate it in a way that would stick and shine through in a person’s darkest hour. They wanted the message to be powerful enough to withstand the flood of emotions that comes with a lung cancer diagnosis.

This campaign is about the human spirit, and our ability to rise from the depths of despair to summon our strength and fight like hell for our lives. But if we're going to win this fight, we're going need some help. The University of Colorado Cancer Center at University of Colorado Hospital is our best chance of winning.


AGENCY: Cactus
Norm Shearer, Partner, CCO
Jeff Strahl, Associate Creative Director
Jenna Coppobianco, Copywriter
Brooke Woodruff, Sr Broadcast Producer
Joe Conrad, Founder, CCO
Gennifer Hobbs, Strategic Director
Summer Hershey, Account Supervisor

Director: Doug Chamberlain
Producer: Erin Malloy

Editor: Jason Sedmak
Colorist: Rick Gougler
Producer: Jamie Kirchoff

Engineer: Greg McCrae
Producer: Eric Singer


this is really nice


Amazing spot. Nice work!

gave me goosebumps.

Chills. Every. Time.

Super good. Great work Cactus.


Strahl you son of a bitch, you've done it again.

Artfully executed commercial that really packs an emotional wallop. Kudos to all involved. One question: The voice-over sounds like it was lifted from another source, a la that equally memorable Dodge Ram commercial with the Paul Harvey voice-over. This one sounds like it was a speech given by a coach trying to rally his team. Any idea if that’s the case -- and, if so, who is giving that speech?

The VO sounds like Al Pacino. So my guess is that it's from Any Given Sunday. Great spot, btw.

It is from Any Given Sunday. It's been used in sports highlight videos on YouTube like this one:

Regardless it's a fitting appropriation. Makes for a powerful spot.

It's actually a Colorado-based VO talent, reading an original script written for the spot. Locker room ambiance courtesy of our big echoey drum room at Coupe and a bunch of fun props. The "team" is Coupe and Cactus guys gathered around our "coach." This was a hell of a lot of fun to create. Glad everybody's digging it!

I love this spot. Great insight. My mother-in-law is battling stage four cancer and it's definitely a fight. Nice work guys.


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