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Got Milk? is the most globally ripped off campaign in the history of advertising. So it's with great displeasure that we present Got Insurance? — some Colorado group's tactless attempt to get people to sign up for Obamacare. We're all for people getting insured, but this campaign has us feeling terribly ill.


It's probably Karsh's idea of ground-breaking work.

Just horrible on so many levels.

One of the designers was on NPR defending the campaign from accusations of the ads being sexist.

After seeing these, I wish he'd explain the horribly stolen concept to the horrible execution.

I have questions...
How did they get away with using Ryan Gosling's likeness?
Why did they rip off the got milk campaign which is 20 years old!?
Who's nephew is responsible for this travesty?

Do we know who did the ads?

Ads were created by 2 lefty non-profits: Progress Now Colorado & Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. And while the tagline line ain't exactly original, I saw tweets yesterday from Alan Franklin of Progress Now, noting that they had 10M website views in 2 days. Can't imagine too many agencies that wouldn't endure a little cliche crit for that kinda traffic.

So taking advantage of the government dole by living knowingly unhealthy lives is what we are selling to the younger generations? Terrible ad, but enlightening to the mentality of some of these advertising pinheads that seem to have overrun the Denver scene.

I meant who did creative on behalf of those groups. Anyone know?

Pilgrim is the agency for the colorado health exchange, not for this insurance company.

article says the ads were done in house. this should be another example that friends don't let in house marketing teams create advertising.

Well, it worked, didn't it?

Yes, tired concept - but perfect execution in this instance. They were Colorado social media only ads & ended up getting all over National news outlets and had everyone talking about it. Pretty epic for an nonprofit's in house team, don't see many for profit agencies getting that kind of attention.

Bump for getting some Daily Show time....

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