New Winter Campaign Touts Colorado as America's Best Skiing – Via Denver's Karsh Hagan

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Here's the fresh, new campaign from Karsh to hook the rest of the world on Colorado's white stuff. Poetic and visually-stunning — and exactly what we've come to expect in this campaign. Strong work, gang.

ACD: Darren Brickel
Art Director: Nick Marranzino
Copywriter: Dave Fymbo
Creative Director: Matt Ingwalson
Account Supervisor: Carol Quinn
Account Manager: Emily Rundles
VP / Media Director: Tracy Broderick
Associate Media Director: Dave Moorehouse
Digital Media Strategist: Nikki Burmaster
Media Coordinator: Nicole Hemstad
VP/Director of Broadcast: Becky Ferguson
Director of Print Production: Karen Heydman
Print Production: Valerie Hawks
Photography: Tim Kemple
Video: Anson Fogel and Forge Motion Pictures
Editing: Donald Corsiglia
Music: Colorado Symphony Orchestra and Charles Denler


Beautiful TV spots.


Sick. Nice job guys!

their perfect day is indeed the way I'd live my perfect day.

Those are awesome. Love the layering with the txt. Very Sexy.

These are really great. It's nice to see such pitch perfect headlines. Good stuff guys. Really good.

really nice. kudos to everyone involved.

Great - more spots with people skiing. Can't we get past this cliche?

I know, right! When is Karsh going to finally showcase this state's dynamic curling community?

Seriously, though, great work, guys. Love the work.

Colorado + Tourists + Winter...What the eff do you think these people are scotchguarding their jeans and coming to the state for?

Kemple rocks it, no doubt. Congrats.

these could live without the headline since we call came here without a headline why. photos are beeeeautiful. but that's the basics... these could be utah, idaho, bc, cali...if you took the logo off it could be any western mt state.

beautiful, not sure about a condensed font on a billboard though.

I wish they would have focused on distinctions between Colorado skiing versus Jackson Hole or Utah to find a truth so bold it demands attention. This is great mountain advertising, but not great Colorado mountain advertising. This is Colorado dammit, where's the attitude, where's the flair? I fell asleep on the TV spots, someone tried a little too hard to romanticize the copy and fell in love with their own words. I'm guessing the copywriter has never actually been skiing/snowboarding. That's not a dig, it's what anybody in the target audience would say. Remember them, the ones you are supposed to be creating work for. But keep on making "poetic, visually stunning" shit if you want, it looks like Denver advertisers are just licking it up.

@Weak, you're not just weak you're dumb. How can you say "poetic, visually stunning shit" in the same sentence? It's one or the other and it's arrogant and insulting to imply that the target audience wouldn't appreciate it. These are completely spot on talking to the target- the tourists who live in flat gloomy places. They will see these and go "That sparkly corduroy and fluffy snow throwing stuff is totally my jam. And who knew the sun shined in the middle of winter?"

Gorgeous. Love them.

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