Integer Launches Their New Site

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We're not exactly sure when this site launched, but two days ago Integer tweeted, "Something is new at" So we're assuming that was their soft announcement of the new site.

Maybe we haven't had enough coffee this morning, but we find the site oddly designed and quite difficult to navigate. There are many areas that feel like glorified PowerPoint presentations. We might be missing something — but for a global agency with 21 offices around the world, things don't feel completely cooked.

What do you think?


Looks like it was designed by a bunch of drunks.

I love it. Its different, it's interesting, and its unique. If you can't appreciate that, you're opinion isn't worth much.

Looks like they got their ideas from windows mobile.

derka derka derka

the old site was much better:

but the new isn't exactly horrible - it just takes too many clicks and is difficult to find what you need. Perhaps they're thinking people will spend time on their site and get lost in a menagerie of boxes.

This site is based on existing Omnicom framework for other brands. I believe TBWA/CD has a similar new framework. So it was probably a little out of Integer's control, and didn't offer much flexibility.

@martinap - that sounds like a horrible excuse for an ad agency. integer should have an awesome website to woo clients and it shouldn't look like any other company. BUT I'm a designer, what do I know.

Here's TBWA\Chiat\Day LA's site, BTW: Resembles Integer's not in the slightest.

Ok... well has similarities.

Despite all of this, it isn't a great site.

You'd think they'd care more.

It's painful to see coming from an agency this big. Looks like a print designer threw it together and decided to toss some bells and whistles in… just not in important areas, like making sure your "responsive" site's navigation doesn't totally drop off the edge when screen is resized.

Before many of you use your name and hate on this site look at your own work first.

It's possible the target audience for their website isn't aimed solely at designers and seems to have a strategic approach of sharing more info than in the past.

This definitely feels more current than their previous site and is more creative than a lot of other sites. Overall though, feels a bit too busy and creates some odd negative space. Mobile version is difficult to navigate as well.

Just looked at my own work first....... still not impressed by your new site.

20 clicks too many to know what you're about

the video definitely captures TIG culture, well done, glad to see it's as vibrant as ever.

The CD for this should be taken out and shot.

Am I missing something here? Once you select an "Thinking" and then select "shopping culture" you loose all navigation. I guess it's on another tab. Then, if you don't want to download the content for an article or case study, there's no way out of the download page...unless you close it down or find the other tab. Confusing and frustrating UI.

Frankly, after searching out some of your work, I'm bored with your comments. Looks like you really have no idea what goes into a website, nor do you have a fucking clue what their goal is. There's a good chance they have no interest in catching the attention of designers. They probably don't need to. I enjoy the unity with their parent company's site, they look like a cooperative team. Nice work, Integer.

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