Death of The Bar-T: An Evocative Short Film from Carbondale's Anson Fogel + Forge Motion Pictures

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Anson Fogel of Forge Motion Pictures — who shot, cut and produced the beautiful Colorado Tourism spots for Karsh — has just release his film, Death of The Bar-T, for public viewing on the interwebs. The short is a personal experiment, written by Anson and shot in the fall of last year over five days outside of Marble, Colorado.

As Aspen ShortsFest describes it, the film is "An evocative meditation on the transformation of the local ranching tradition as seen through the eyes of one hardworking old-timer." It stars Paul McLean – a Denver-based actor — and was filmed with a crew of about 15 people, with Anson doing lighting, FX, color correction and operating the camera himself.

The film is part of a loosely related three-part series of shorts looking at life and characters in the modern West. The second is shot but not yet completed. The third is in casting. The film won the Creative Excellence Award at the 5 Point Film Festival this year.

It's a nice 17-minute treat for a Friday afternoon from one incredibly talented guy. Sit back and enjoy.


More amazingness from Forge. Those CO tourism spots are nothing short of incredible too.

Wow. This rocks! Great use of light and story telling. Keep going. Can't wait to see the rest... I feel it.

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