New Belgium Pairs Well With People in New Campaign from Denver's Cultivator

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In its first TV advertising in eight years (and second ever), New Belgium Brewing sums up its brand values in its new tag, “Pairs well with people.” The line refers both to the employee-owned, environmentally proactive brewer and, in accompanying online videos, to its flagship brew, Fat Tire Ale. The campaign is the first television by Cultivator Advertising & Design for this client, and will run May 18 through Labor Day.

The :30 spot aims to convey how the brewery “pairs well with people.” It was filmed on site and the entire cast are New Belgium employees. In four accompanying online :15s, the theme switches from the brewer to how its beer “pairs well with people.” Bar patrons (again, New Belgium employees) demonstrate “how to: make yourself more attractive; friend someone, unfriend them; make up; expand your social network.” Surprisingly (or not), a bottle or glass of Fat Tire is all it takes.

The TV will run in 12 DMAs coast to coast, on all major networks, during primetime and late night, mainly live sports, comedy and original programming. The online videos will appear on HULU, YouTube, Facebook and via paid search.

CD/AD: Monte Mead
CD/CW: Tim Abare
AD: Rich Rodgers
CW: Jen Reis


Also the VO was done by non other than skateboard legend Stacy Peralta!!!!! He was spotted at the brewery while the spots were being filmed, man it would have been sweet to be on a tour while he was present.

the VO work on this video was Stacy Peralta, the first video on the egotist thread

FatTire PairsWell Bike 30 H264

not the four others. OOPS

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