Let's Keep Pushing the Design of Colorado.com

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We really want the website people hit after seeing the beautiful Colorado advertising that Karsh has done to resemble it in every way. The newly refreshed Colorado.com isn't really delivering. It wouldn't take much design nuance to get it there, though.


Arguably the worst typography I've ever seen on a website. Also, some horribly flawed UI choices... text blocks that span 1200px wide, weird looking buttons, a search icon for a "View All" button, and menu expansion icons in the footer where, well, there isn't a menu to be expanded.

So, is this a call for suggestions? Is Karsh working on the website too? Or are they looking for someone to take on the project? I agree that the site could use some improvements, but not I'm quite seeing what the goal of this post is.

I believe the intention of the post is to continue to push for a website that better represents our beautiful state. As it stands, it's rather embarrassing.

Consider it a call to arms for the agency involved and the client to keep iterating.

Do we know who the "agency involved" is?

It could be much worse- nobody bothered to notice that it's responsive - which is a huge win. But I agree about pushing the design. There are too many different button styles, and the type is equally fragmented - every weight and size of Roboto, condensed and not condensed, mixed with Arial, is the biggest visual problem for me.

Technically it's responsive. But is it truly optimized for tablet and mobile? Not really. Making a site merely responsive is pretty easy to do. Creating a memorable mobile and tablet user experience via responsive is an entirely different animal. At least the site is going down the path of being responsive though.

Agree with @hellomynameisadam on the typography. The site looks un-polished to me; too basic and boring. I imagine there was a plethora of fantastic imagery to choose from...

I think comments from commentators with a conflict of interest should be recognized. @hellomynameisadam is a FORMER employee with Miles (the company that manages Colorado.com.)

Thanks for the other comments that don't have a hidden agenda.

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