Denver's Factory Design Labs Make Faux Infomercials for Oakley Women's Training Gear

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Want that cute, fitnessy look without all that annoying fitness part? Tough. There's only one legitimate way to look fit and that's why Oakley Women's training gear is made for running, not running errands.

The spots pair up with a site where you can read Oakley's stance on women's gear and write your own 'social contract' — committing to using your gear the way it's intended. The spot was produced by Denver's Citizen Pictures.


Thanks, homie.

Nice work. Great strategy.

This might be the most desperate attempt to be funny I've ever seen. Wow, Oakley has reached an all time low.

No wonder Oakley is in review.


wow, that's dumb.

I think this ONE is way better

anything is way better

Designers trying to make ads. Keep trying kids.

Just an idea that has been done to death before and better. What is going on over at Factory?

If you're proud to promote this, you're clearly out of touch. Or just not very good at what you do.

Love the line - For running. Not running errands.

There are at least 100 better ways to execute that idea. This, unfortunately, just wasn't one of them. I do give Factory credit for trying something a little different and funny. The keyword being trying.

Huh? Do they really think this is good? Funny? Smart? I love watching them suck.

Wow. You are a dick.

Horrible. Hope their online store is selling lots of t-shirts. They are going to need the revenue.

Looks like Mellin is writing the ads himself. That of course would assume he actually works at all.

June should be fun for FDL.

Their clients are dropping like flies. Oakley is just the next to figure out that marketing cliches and widgets don't solve marketing problems.

Thanks Factory! Thanks for making me hate a brand I've loved for a long time. This work is an embarrassment to this great brand.

The most hated agency in the country strikes again

I love a lot of the people at Factory- the people who do the work... too bad Mellin is a part of that place- like a vampire he's sucked that place dry.

Suck a large cock Mellin and choke on it. Karma is a bitch and she's coming for you.

It would suck to work there. The work sucks. The culture sucks. There is no leadership, just leeches sucking the place's profits dry.

This is the kind of work you get when you put the creatively challenged in charge of the creative department. Nice job AP.

You know this would all catch up to FDL at some point. These just suck and they should get Factory fired.

I couldn't even watch the third one. What a total joke. Seriously, a total assault on the Oakley brand.

If they dump Mellin, the place might have a chance.

Best work they've AP's ever done. Seriously, it's the best work he's done. And it sucks.

I love watching these guys suck.

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