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Denver agency LRXD (formerly LeeReedy/Xylem Digital) has launched a nice new site for their company — a complete overhaul of what was.

"In 45 years of conversations with marketing directors and business owners, there’s one question that always comes up. “Have you solved my problem recently?” Fortunately — and especially in those industries where we have solid experience — the answer for us is often “Yes.”

With the new LRXD.com and a homepage that allows us to tout the latest work we've completed ('We Just Did It'), we demonstrate the on-the-pulse problem solving we’re doing for clients every day. Hope you like it."

Visit the site at: www.lrxd.com.


***WHISTLE*** Very nicely done! I love the user flow and clean nature of the design. Fantastic job on the development side as well.


Wow, easy to move through but still very visually engaging. Great work!

I dig it... well played.

Killer site. Love the colors.

All positive Egotist comments, something must have gone seriously right! :-)

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