Denver's Sukle Shows the Hugeness of African Animals in New Outdoor for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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When you’re a 3-foot-tall kid, even a rhino is kind of a big deal. That's the visual hook used in this new campaign from Sukle — touting the "big deal" that is Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Encounter Africa exhibit. Each child in the boards is shadowed by an animal and has an expression of awe on their face. Apparently, the exhibit — made possible by $13.5 million capital campaign — is worth a visit, with a 20-foot waterfall for the elephants, the chance to climb inside the nose of an old bush plane to get an overhead view of the new black rhino, and a chance to get right up close to lions and meerkats. Photography: Bryce Boyer.


It's kind of a bit boring.
Shadows of animals? Happy kids faces? That the best we can do? I love Sukle, think the water campaign is one of the best ever done, but this underwhelms and it's a missed opportunity. Think scale. If it's a BIG deal, break out of the billboard frame. Go huge. Have the lion shred the billboard. Shadows and happy kids is not what I would have expected from a powerhouse like Sukle. And let's not forget, we all cast large shadows at dusk and dawn. The lion could be two feet high.

I'm sure Mike's crushed you're no longer a fan.
Me? I'll learn to live with it.

are there ONLY white kids in wyoming?

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