Hey Photographers, Sukle Wants Your Not-So-Stock Stock Photos

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Imagine a book full of images of sound. With every page, each image conjures up a specific sound in your imagination. Popcorn popping, a pinball machine on full tilt, birds beating their wings, a baby cooing. These are sounds we all know, because we have heard them all our lives. Now imagine giving this book to someone who has lost their hearing and just needs a little convincing to go see a doctor and learn how to get their hearing back. Cool, right? The crazy part is that Sukle's client can actually help them hear these things again. It’s called science and it’s complicated and stuff so don’t worry about that part.

Sukle is seeking images of sound and that’s where you come in.

If you want in on this, dig deep into your archives and send them your best shots of images of sound. Sounds that are so appealing they will make a deaf person want to hear again. Interpret that thought in your own way.

The photography style is very important. Here’s what they'relooking for:
• poetic, romantic, beautiful, dreamy
• grungy, raw, real
• personal, unique, candid, not posed
• more fine art than commercial
• editorial style could also work
• studio photography is a possibility if the subject matter is specifically about sound

If you would like to see a sample of the kind of photos they’re looking for, send an email to soundphotobook@gmail.com. Youll receive a pdf of sample images that fit their subject matter and style criteria.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Email low res jpegs (under 2Mb) to soundphotobook@gmail.com.

DEADLINE: Please submit as soon as possible, but no later than May 10.

If Sukle chooses your image(s), they’ll contact you via email to discuss compensation.

Thank you in advance for helping them make this book a worthy tribute to the world of hearing.


So you couldn't find the shots you needed and now you're tugging at our charity heart strings for photo submissions?
It sounds like an amazing project and something I could really get into, but this solicitation for photos somehow reeks of "BS" Are you going to pay fair rates for images AND give proper credit where its due, or are you just going to run with this and collect some AD awards down the road?

Why not step up to the plate, front the bill for charity ,and commission some original photography?

Somebody's sensitive.

What's the difference between this and licensing a rights-managed photo from Getty? Or buying royalty-free. Oh, I see. Getty takes half the money.

So the options are commission original photography -or- use a stock site. Any other way of acquiring photography is BS? That makes sense.

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