Animal Planet 'River Monsters' Season 5 Trailer – Via Boulder's Mrs. K

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Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet's all-time #1-rated show, River Monsters, has combed the ends of the Earth in search of the big catch. So, when Animal Planet came to Mrs. K, requesting a post-apocalyptic vision for the new season, they knew just where to shoot — the Salton Sea. Years of polluted runoff have left an eerie landscape of salt-encrusted abandoned resorts and beaches made of bones. Turns out, Dr. Wade had been hoping to check it out too. So waders were donned and the group headed to the desert. Animal Planet was so thrilled with the resulting footage, they're airing a :90 trailer — unheard of in the promo world. Check out the trailer and one of the videos announcing the new season to fans on Facebook below.


Very nicely done! Some really nice shots and I love the feel.

Good work.

I love it!!!

Another season of Jeremy Wades dianamic personality and the amazing fish he hunts! Can't wait!

OK! Now that is great stuff!!

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