BREAKING: Winter Park Resort Selects Boulder's Grenadier as Agency of Record

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Grenadier, the new-ish Boulder agency "dedicated to helping entrepreneurial and challenger brands take a stand in the marketplace," marked its 6-month anniversary with an iconic account win. Winter Park Resort has selected Grenadier as its Agency of Record. Grenadier will be responsible for communications strategy and integrated creative duties for the Intrawest resort.

“We’re excited to be working with Grenadier as our new agency of record,” said Jodie Silva, Winter Park Resort Vice President, Marketing & Sales. “They really seemed to understand the Winter Park brand from the onset and shared some initial ideas that will propel our brand forward. The collective brand experiences the team brings to the table and their small size makes them well suited to address the quick pace of an outdoor experiential brand like ours.”

“Winter Park is such an iconic brand in the ski industry, and we’re so honored to be chosen as their new agency partner,” said Jeff Graham, a Partner at Grenadier “It’s where Coloradans go to ski — and as resorts go, it’s truly in a category of one. The friendliness of Winter Park paired with the challenge of Mary Jane — makes for such an authentic, real-deal mountain experience. Winter Park is really emblematic of what great Colorado skiing has always been about.”

Grenadier was founded in August 2012. The agency announced its first client partnership in October with Sunny Delight Beverage Company’s Fruit2o bottled water brand. Since then, Grenadier has signed on for duty with several other clients — including Waterpik, Portalupi Wine Company, Adidas, Suerte Tequila and Original Penguin.

We're glad Winter Park decided to keep the account in state. Otherwise, you end up with the ads Copper's been running, created by out-of-towners who really don't get it.


Congrats! Nice to see the account stay in state.

Let's see some real creative this time around WP!

Hopefully Grenadier will show WP the way!

J Graham is _________

Congrats to J. Graham and team. What's going on with Cactus though? D.E., that would be story. They have lost a couple of major accounts in the last few weeks.

I got this...

Jeff Graham is ____________

a miserable turd.
a lyin' sack o' shit.
married above his station.
a man of low moral character.
unencumbered by things like integrity.
a raving lunatic.

Who's with me?!!?

I'm totally with you Wade.
That guy is the worst. Ever.

So it's like a French grenade?

I am sooooooo happy my agency past on the RFP.

Good luck french grenade guys.

A longer drive, shorter runs, and nothing to do after 6.

Winter Park: A Funnel of Frozen Sadness, All Winter Long.


That first taste is free, there...

Your agency probably "past" on the RFP because they knew you couldn't hack it, like with spelling passed.

any of you fuckos actually try to run an agency? yeah didn't think so...

this place is more drama than the real housewives

you're all fucking tools! well, most of you are. your egos are a direct reflection of how insecure you are. grow up and be a human. really, your shit does stink and you are going to die one day.

um, why all the anger??? can't we all be happy for each other? it's only advertising.

Man ! These guys are so rad ! I can't wait to see some great stuff.

These guys suck so much ! This stuff is gonna be so awesome and bad and amazing and full of crap and hotness !!!

All you other agencies are so stupid awesome crap good friends !

Fuck yeah !

Can't believe that I am reading actual posts from adult men/ women.
Whatever happened to civility, respect and a grown up attitude.

All of you get over yourselves and get back to work.

Try to use real words with meaning and don't resort to vulgarity to make a point!

Aren't you all "creative"

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