Boulder's Made Movement Rebrands With Too Much Buttcrack

/ Comments (3) brought in Made Movement to entirely overhaul the brand from the ground up — from creating scripts for call centers and branding, to TV, out of home, and a new website — which went live late last week.

All initial materials are being test marketed in Des Moines — which is where things have set off the censor meters. Made created the below piece to run in Des Moines newspapers, but it's been disallowed (and, in turn, toned down with less buttcrack) due to concerns by their "decency committee." From the out of home pieces, Des Moines' softies also removed the "Crack o Meter." Come on, Iowa, open up a little.

Chief Creative Officer: Dave Schiff
Chief Design Officer: John Kieselhorst
Copywriter: Claire Wyckoff
Art Director: Marybeth Ledesma, Ramzy Masri
Producers: Rachel Steiker, Amy Mainero, Isaac Karsen
Photographer: John Johnston


Open up a little bit? Sure, committees kill great things. But this looks like a campaign created by and for a bunch of college guys getting a laugh. A housewife or female decision maker in the home is like to look at this and say "that's the guy they're going to send to my house? No thanks."

I can't comment on the successfulness of the campaign, but the website is pretty nice. There are a few things that bug me, like the giant block of center-aligned text on the homepage. But overall, nice.


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