New Colorado Lottery Powerball / Mega Millions OOH – Via Denver's Cactus

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When the Colorado Lottery tasked Cactus with updating the jackpot billboards for Powerball and Mega Millions throughout the state, their goal was to communicate that even the starting jackpots are huge. To accomplish this, Cactus developed a series of outdoor boards that showed the important American gents featured on the $20, $50 and $100 bills reacting to the size of jackpots.

Creative Director: Norm Shearer
Art Director: Sarah Riddle
Copywriter: Elliot Nordstrom
Illustrator: Kent Barton
Retouching: Armando Martinez
Producer: Jamie Sharp
Account Director: Lori Boccato
Account Supervisor: Tara Turner


I've seen these popping up around downtown already. Nice to know who created them. Thanks for posting!

These are awesome. Perfect level of cheese in the executions. Many would've overdone it.

Another credit: Armando Martinez did the retouching.

once again, where's the media team credits? Creative doesn't happen in a vacuum.

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