Denver's GoodnessWorks Changes Its Name to Fear Not

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After almost a year in business, GoodnessWorks is changing its name to Fear Not. "We didn't want any confusion in the marketplace with other "goodness" companies and blogs," says Blake Ebel, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Fear Not. "We're excited about the new name and the meaning behind it."

The write-up on the website explains the meaning behind the new name.

Fear Not believes in the power and efficacy of unencumbered creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We believe fear, and the missed opportunities it creates, is a frustrating barrier to big ideas, beautiful creations and valuable risks. When you overcome fear, you own the opportunity to be heard clearly and create change. In a brand. In a company and in the community.

Fear Not clients include: Qdoba Mexican Grill, Invesco PowerShares, Bellco Credit Union, Lauren Harper Collection, The Extra Mile and Barilla Pasta. You can follow Fear Not on Twitter @fearnotagency.

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