Still Doubt the Power CP+B has had on Boulder?

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No one really knew what effect CP+B would have in opening a new office in Gunbarrel in 2006 — just that it would mean significant change for Colorado. Beth Potter of the Boulder County Business Report has finally articulated the ripple in one article.

Namely, she reports on the spiderweb of agencies that have been created as a result of people leaving Crispin but wanting to keep roots here in Colorado. She references COMMON, Made Movement, Victors & Spoils, Evolution Bureau and Grenadier — impeccable shops that frankly would never have existed here without Crispin and this beautiful state combining to attract them.

We're grateful for the momentum that's been created. It's starting to feel like there really is no ceiling for Colorado.


I'm about to transition into the agency world myself and it's nice to read an article like this. There is a lot of talent and hard workers in Denver and that's why I have returned to succeed here as well.

It's also increased the number of self-important douche bags in Boulder by nearly 720%!

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