• Denver's Prometheus Productions Creates Anti-Hobby Lobby Satire: DIY Birth Control

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    This scathing satire is aimed directly at Hobby Lobby for their oppressive practices of not providing adequate health care to their female employees. Created by Prometheus Productions.

  • #ShitToHit: Saturday, August 2 – Zombie Run

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    The Zombie Run is an awesomely-terrifying obstacle course through the zombie apocalypse. Human participants start out in the quarantined area of their home base, but must navigate their way through a landscape of nightmares, chaos and suspense to reach the fortified stronghold at the finish line. With roughly 3 miles between the start line and salvation, the course is filled with rugged obstacles, apocalypse-themed zones, desolate landscapes, and packs of ravenous Zombies. Then Humans and Zombies set aside their differences to share a cold beer and their best dance moves at the post-apocalypse afterparty.

  • University of Colorado Health's Game Changers Take the Field – Via Denver's Cactus

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    The Game Changers, the first spot from Cactus for University of Colorado Health, uses a familiar sports analogy in which the team prepares for the biggest game of the year — suiting up and entering the field with game faces on. Only here, the biggest game of the year happens every day.

    Cactus wanted this campaign to stand out by using a serious approach to more accurately convey how University of Colorado Health is a thought leader and game changer not only in Colorado, but nationally — with over 300 clinical trials underway and a tradition of scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary procedures. University of Colorado Health practitioners are game changers, odds crushers and difference makers, providing patients with access to the best that medicine has to offer.


    Cactus Partner, CCO: Norm Shearer
    Associate Creative Director: Jeff Strahl
    Senior Art Director: Michael Maciolek
    Senior Copywriter: Jenna Capobianco

    Senior Broadcast Producer: Brooke Woodruff

    Cactus Founder, CEO: Joe Conrad
    Account Director: Summer Hershey
    Account Coordination: Rebecca Pilgrim

    Director: Doug Chamberlain, Fueld Films
    Editor: Jason Sedmak, Post Modern Company
    Sound Design: Greg McCrae, Coupe Studios
    Color: Sean Coleman, Company3

  • Kids Cursing In Movies

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    Enjoy your weekend, ass wipe.


  • How Do You Fare in AIGA's Survey of Design Salaries 2014?

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    Make you feel better or worse about where you're currently sitting? More here.

  • DenverInfill Posts Pics of the Spanking New Union Station

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    In December of 2012, DenverInfill and Union Station Advocates hosted an informal public open house to get one last look inside the original Union Station before it closed for a year and a half for its long-awaited restoration. Check out those shot here.

    Last Saturday, the restored and converted Union Station had a soft opening, with a portion of the ground floor retail and amenities inside the building opening to the public. The grand opening and block party is set for next Saturday, July 26th. In the meantime, check out the interior shots of this amazing new Denver landmark.

  • This Year's "Wow" D&AD Title Sequence

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    Befitting of the highest award you can win in advertising. Designer and 3D artist Douglas Bowden is the brain behind it.

  • Is This Man Perpetuating the Stereotype that Models Are Dumb as Bricks?

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    Canadian model Vin Los — who wants to be the most famous man on Earth — has tattooed buzzwords across his entire body, including 24 on his face. Unwisely choosing the terms, some of them include “FAME,” “LICK,” and “BAISE MOI” (fuck me). He's a good-looking guy who's skyrocketed into some netherworld. Check out Vice's interview with him.

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