• Alex Prager Photography

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    The fresh retro photo stylings of LA based Alex Prager are definitely worth a look.

    (via DesignCharts)

  • A Place Worth Visiting

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    Check out Ink Lounge Gallery at Belmar. We haven’t met the owners yet, but we like the looks of what they’re doing there. They’ve got a lot of things cooking, so we’ll let their site tell you the details. It’s a husband and wife team dedicated to bringing cool printmaking exhibits and workshops to good folks like you — including a beginning silk screening class. They’re also giving back, donating proceeds from openings to charities. We like that. Pay ‘em a visit, would you?

  • God bless your brand

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    Christvertising takes a whole new approach to marketing your brand. We skip the strategic deliverables. We pass on the matrixes, the payoffs and the metrics. We ignore any viral functionality. We focus on the ultimate end-user: God.

    Come for the sacrament, stay for the refreshments. Fact or phony? via Michael Smith

    HEY ERIC, I ALREADY PUT THIS UP THIS WEEK: http://thedenveregotist.com/article/1472/christvertising-god-bless-your-.... THANKS FOR DOING IT THOUGH. JAMIE.

  • << You Should Know About Jay Vollmar

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    Okay, you probably already do know about Jay. Or at least you know his stuff. He has worked with Westword for a long time, creating some of the paper’s most attention-grabbing covers and spreads. We love his silk-screened rock posters even more. They’re featured in the Art of Modern Rock, a fantastic tome of the best concert posters of our day.

    Jay told us the Egotist is “really cool.” The feeling is mutual. We’re proud to add him to our list of Recommended Talent.

  • << You Should Know About Shaw Nielsen

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    Coming on the heels of our ode to the immense talent that has left Denver, here’s a bit of good news. Shaw Nielsen is an emerging illustrator based right here. He’s a graduate of Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and he studied illustration in San Francisco at the Academy of Art. Plus, ADCD had the good sense to recognize him with a Silver last year. Let’s see if we can’t keep him here. Find him on our list of Recommend Talent.

  • Super Talent, Please Come Home

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    Local motion graphic rock star, Adam Espinoza, recently sent us a note to check out some other wicked talent who used to live in Denver – now lighting up other cities around the country. We’re pumped to see these guys killing it, but bummed that they set sail.

    What’s up, fellas? When you comin’ home to mama?

    Evan di Leo
    Shaun Collings
    Josh Childers

  • Pontiac G8 GT: Spy Hunter

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    This ad is great. But the forced email Digitas sent the car cult blog, Jalopnik, to promote it isn’t:

    “Just saw this new Pontiac ad online and thought it might be of interest… It takes an old classic, SpyHunter, to a whole new place. God love CG. From what I hear it’s not even on TV yet.”

    Jalopnik calls it the world’s worst attempt at making something go viral. We agree.

    (Thanks for the link, Justin)

  • Callegari Berville Grey: The Wildlife of an Idea

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    This video floated around a while ago. You may have seen it. France’s Callegari Berville Grey made it better by adding some super supers over the top, making it more relevant to your everyday life. Enjoy.

    (Via Scary Ideas)

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