• << New Interactive Marketing Manager Position

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    Colorado Ski Country USA is looking for an interactive marketing manager. Nice perks, especially if you ski or ride.

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  • Charles Leadbeater: We Think

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    Promotional video for a new book by Charles Leadbeater, called ‘We Think,’ exploring the potential of the latest developments of the internet.

  • Special K: Drop a Size

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    Extra special ambient work from H&C Leo Burnett, Beirut.

    (Via Direct Daily)

  • *@#$&#38; DST

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    Is it just us, or is today going to be a particularly painful Monday? We want our damn hour of sleep back.

  • Thriller viral campaign

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    The NY Times is reporting today on a viral campaign to promote the 25th Anniversary re-release of Michael Jackson’s best-selling album, Thriller. For obvious reasons, promoting anything related to MJ is a bit of a delicate problem, so SonyBMG cut the celebrity out of the picture entirely and instead focused on a few select viral happenings, which is to say, pseudo-impromptu renditions of the famous Thriller zombie dance in public spaces.

    Read the full article here.

    Ahh.. advertising-for-the-blogosphere. You figure 20-50 people saw these in real life, while they’ve gotten 700,000+ views online? Pretty good ROI, we’d say.

  • << You Should Know About Carol Williams

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    If you’ve worked in Denver over the past 25 years, you probably already know Carol Williams. She has been the “go to” broadcast producer for agencies all over town.

    Most recently, Carol served as head of broadcast production at McClain Finlon. Big budget TV productions, small budget radio, no budget viral — she gets it done on time and on budget. And she’s a champion for good creative. Find her in our Local Resources.

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