• We're Voting Republican

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    Satirical look at various Republican values. And while the final scene encourages people to simply get out and vote, obviously the good folks at www.imvotingrepublican.com want us all to vote to the left.

    Regardless of your own personal political views, it’s hard not to be impressed with the 1.5 millions views logged since last week.

    (Via msnbc)

  • FHM: For the Modern Man

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    FHM men’s magazine in Australia was just relaunched with a viral campaign featuring the fella below, Raj Deepak, “a walker with a difference.” Be sure to visit Raj on Facebook for the whole scoop. Agency: The Works, Sydney.

    (Via Duncan’s TV Ad Land)

  • Jealous Lovers Productions: Jealous Lovers Attack Ambient

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    To promote a new production company called “Jealous Lovers,” the company targeted four of New Zealands top creative directors – or rather their vehicles.

    They researched to find which competing production companies they had recently shot commercials with. Then they attached tailor made decals to the windshields. They also fixed magnetized axes and attached them to the hoods – the pickaxes had the Jelous Lovers website address on them.

    Insiders at the agencies then informed their CD’s that their cars were trashed. When the creative directors went out to inspect the damage, their reactions were filmed and can be seen on jealouslovers.tv. Agency: Ogilvy, Aukland.

    (Via Adland)

  • OpTV Via Equipo Roca and Futuristic Films

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    Equipo Roca is a cross-cultural marketing firm located in Denver that executes market research and consulting services – mainly focused on youth action sports and the U.S. Latino market. They just worked in partnership with Futuristic Films to relaunch Op exclusively at Walmart.

    The Op Open Road TV spot on the Op.com site is one of the deliverables for the actual campaign, shot by Futuristic Films on-location in Los Angeles. Additional elements of the campaign, including broadcast advertising and HD in-store video content will also to be produced by Futuristic Films over the next several months.


    Agency: Iconix Brand Group
    Client: Ocean Pacific
    Production Company: Futuristic Films
    Producer: Brendan Kiernan
    Cinematography: Jasper Gray and Frank Pickell
    Editor: Frank Pickell
    VFX and Titling: Jeremy Lindenmeyer
    Additional Design: Adam Espinoza

    Shot on-location in Los Angeles, California
    Post-production completed in Denver, CO at Futuristic Films

  • Exxon logo sketches

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    Raymond Loewy, who we had previously never heard of, was apparently a complete pimp, talent wise.

    Below, you’ll see one some of his sketches from the development of the EXXON logo. Check out some of the other logos he designed, including Shell, US Mail, and the classic BP shield. He also did some amazing industrial and architectural work.

    (from Kottke)

  • McClain Finlon Changing Hands

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    After 26 years of mostly ups (and one very tough down of late), Denver’s well-respected McClain Finlon is changing ownership as announced today. Paul Leroue, current President of the agency, will become primary owner. He acquired the agency from Cathey McClain Finlon. The agency will continue as McClain Finlon and the ownership change is a friendly internal transition. Leroue will become CEO in addition to his responsibilities as President. Cathey Finlon will be an investor in the firm and chair of the board.

    A few select quotes from the release:

    “My vision for McClain Finlon from the very start was to build a 50 year business from a Denver base,” said Cathey Finlon, CEO of the firm. With 24 years to go and maybe more, the 62 year old Finlon said, “We’ve built a great legacy for the future. And now it is time to turn the reins over to a new leader.”

    “We will continue the business approaches which have made McClain Finlon strong, ” said Leroue. “Cathey has done a great job running this organization for a long time. My goal is to carry on her legacy.”

    Good luck to all for a big turn around soon.

  • Once Upon a Time There was an Interactive Agency In Peril

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    If there’s one key item we’ve learned in all our years in the biz, it’s to leave certain aspects of the biz to the experts. This includes, but is not limited to: photography, illustration, copywriting, art direction, design, programming, voice-over and most importantly of all, pay attention to this one people, FILM PRODUCTION.

    Unless you’re some kind of super-genius like Fallon’s Juan Cabral, stay away from the camera. Stay away from the stage. Stay away from casting. Stay away from the actors. Stay away from directing. Stay away, Goddamnit, stay far away. Unless you’ve got the experts to help guide you. If not, and mark our words here, there’s a very good chance you’ll end up with something like this created by Denver interactive firm, Faction Media.

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