• Boulder's Dan Lehman Makes a Pattern Out of Wes Anderson's Latest Film 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

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    "After seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel, I felt compelled to create artwork based on the sensory overload of beautiful imagery. My tribute to this stunning film is a pattern featuring 32 moments from the story. I drew everything from memory rather than photo references to add a playful element to the artwork. It wasn't until I started drawing these illlos that I realized the excessive amount of blood in this film. Freaking awesome."

    The full project can be viewed on Dan's dribbble site.

  • The Wonder of Wonder Bread

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    Nicely done. Agency: The Hive, Toronto.

  • Ad Club Denver and Local Agencies Help Non-Profit Advertisers

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    Non-profits do so much for so many. Yet nearly all have challenged budgets with limited reach. Ad Club Denver helps any non-profit helping others with their innovative program, Good Works. Local agencies team up with Ad Club to help these nonprofits increase their advertising outreach. Whether it’s developing campaigns, assisting with media placement, or developing videos, this is a program about everyone helping everyone. For more info on how to get involved, check out www.adclubdenver.com/ad-club-good-works.

    Recently, Cactus and PostModern collaborated to help develop this video for the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

  • Tiny Smart Car Uses the Tiny Part of the Billboard to Convey Its Message

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    Headline: "There is always a space." Agency: Contrapunto BBDO
, Spain.


  • Boulder Photographer Jamie Kripke Captures the Beautiful Geometery of I.M. Pei's NCAR Building

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    The Mesa Laboratory, also known as the National Center for Atmospheric Research, sits at the base of the flatirons in South Boulder. Jamie Kripke remembers seeing it for the first time as a college freshman, then in Woody Allen's Sleeper, and was struck by its clean, otherworldly lines and its unbelievable perch, looking down and east over a sea of midwestern flatness.

    The building was designed by I.M. Pei in 1961, and built in 1964 — so 2014 marks NCAR's 50th birthday. Pei based his design on the Anasazi cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, and used bush-hammered concrete and locally sourced aggregate to help the structure blend with its environment.

    Jamie wanted to capture the abstract, conceptual nature of the architecture, in a way that recognizes the project's age, and its significance as a landmark in modernism. Mission accomplished.

  • 'The Noble Spirit' Documents the Life of Ski Adventurer and World Traveler Fred Noble – Via Denver's Wit House Films

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    This project started last summer in San Francisco, California when videographers Andrea Johnson and Bob Holmes asked if Wit House Films could help them finish a documentary they had been filming for the past three years. New to documentary production, Andrea and Bob had shot hundreds of hours of footage and interviews, but were struggling to pull it together. Assuming a producer role, Wit House brought in Dane Henry from Deep Roots Media to work on the edit and provide special cinematography. After several trips out to Portland to shoot additional b-roll and interviews, a final piece has been wrapped in time for Fred to be part of the premiere in Hood River, Oregon, on April 9.

    "In December 2010, ski adventurer and world traveler Fred Noble was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. Since his diagnosis, Fred has dedicated his time to raising funds and awareness about the disease. Fred has faced this final, most challenging obstacle in his life with vigor and fortitude, working to inspire his friends and others to join him in his quest to do as much as he possibly can to help eradicate the disease."

    Visit thenoblespirit.org for more information about the documentary film and screenings.

  • Here's a Song About Social Media that Will Make You Dry Heave

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    Courtesy of the 2014 Social Media Marketing World convention. Oh God.


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