• Photographer Andrew Goldman

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    This could well be one of the most disjointed portfolios we’ve received so far in the short life of our site. On the one hand, Andrew seems to have carved out a (somewhat admirable) niche for himself photographing scantily clad women for Playboy and other publications over a decade in the business.

    On the other, he’s attempting a career shift into shooting a combination of (fully-clad) portraits and room-setting photography. Our recommendation to Andrew would be to commit to the past life or the present and to craft his book to coincide with that decision. There’s no doubt he has talent, but it’s time to choose a path. You need only examine the home page of his site (or the two images below) to understand exactly what we mean.

  • Helen Bamber Foundation Spot

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    A powerful, dark and moving PSA to stop human trafficking starring Emma Thompson. Get more on who made it and why over at Creativity.

  • Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

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    Check out additional goodies from Wilhelm Staehle here.

  • Make My Logo Bigger Cream

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    Pretty rad little viral video from web outfit Agency Fusion.

  • Paste Magazine Follows Radiohead

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    Springwise is reporting that indie music, film and culture pub, Paste Magazine, is now giving its readers the option of paying whatever they like for a subscription – just like Radiohead did for their newest album a few weeks ago.

    Our guess is that this isn’t going to be nearly as successful as the Radiohead experiment because people don’t have a deep, long-lasting relationship with the magazine the way they do with the band. Go get 11 issues plus 11 CDs for as low as $1 here. That’s what we paid.

  • Are You Leveraging This Site?

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    We were thinking about how hard every agency in Denver works to get a leg up. How we work into the wee hours. How we corrupt our family lives. How we grind our brains until every word and every image is perfectly right. All in the hopes of outsmarting the competition, attracting the hottest talent and being the first to truly gain big attention on the national stage.

    And then we thought about how few of the shops in Denver are truly using this site to promote themselves – a site with nearly a thousand visitors every day, including people from big companies like Pearl Izumi, big agencies like Venables Bell & Partners and big blogs like Ad Pulp. It made us think, what else do we have to do to get you to capitalize on a good thing? This site is not for us. It’s for you.

  • Lightwriting Getting Better

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    It seems we’ve yet to see the best lightwriting has to give. The new Sprint ad that uses the technique is cool, but check out these images of Lichtfaktor’s work off the Behance Network. Truly unreal.

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