• Seinfeld HP Spot

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    This broke tonight during the World Series. Definitely one of the most interesting and entertaining spots so far in the series. At one time, there was talk of Jerry getting into the ad biz. It’s still a good idea, Jerry.

  • Lexus Pop-Up Book Spot

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    This is one of those spots that probably looked surprisingly average on paper, but was made memorable through its execution. Agency: Team One.

  • 3 Minute Ad Age

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    Short news segments updated every day covering the biggest stories in advertising. Seems so much easier to watch it than to search through all the sites individually trying to read it. Check it out.

  • I'm Not There Trailer

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    Christian Bale is Bob Dylan. Heath Ledger is Bob Dylan. Ben Whishaw is Bob Dylan. Marcus Carl Franklin is Bob Dylan. Richard Gere is Bob Dylan. Cate Blanchett is Bob Dylan. Six actors portray Dylan as a series of shifting personae in this upcoming film.

  • You Should Know About Brian Bailey

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    Scale the highest peak. Paddle below the deepest sea. Wander across the planet. You simply won’t find a better action adventure shooter than Brian Bailey. He is the epitome of “action adventure” – willing to go anywhere and try anything to capture your vision.

    Flip through his book and all doubt will be removed whether he’s committed to excellence. And if you doubted this level of talent exists in Colorado, dial him up at his 970 area code and you’ll find there’s an unreal asset waiting there for every outdoor brand in the region to sink their teeth into. If you don’t know him already, you absolutely should. Welcome to our Recommended Talent list, Brian. What took us so damn long?

  • Tony Granger: On Creativity, Episode 3

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    Chief creative officer Tony Granger of Saatchi talks about talent.

  • Nike Tearaway Spot

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    Radical, Dwight’s got another side to him. (Via Adfreak.)

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