• Desktopography

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    Update your desktop image of wizards conquering dragons here.

  • Fly Derrie-Air Airlines

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    You gotta love working in advertising today when you hear stories like this. Last Friday, readers of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News found ads in their papers for a new airline called Derrie-Air – which purportedly charges passengers by the pound.

    Turns out the fake campaign, developed by Philly’s Gyro for the papers’ owner, Philadelphia Media Holdings, was created to test the results of advertising in our print and online products and to stimulate discussion on a timely environmental topic of interest to all citizens. And to create a PR explosion in the meantime, as evidenced by the coverage across the country. That’s some fresh-ass work, Derrie-Air.

    Full story here.

    Accompanying campaign website here.

  • Afro Coffee's Wine Box With Radio

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    Cape Town’s Afro Coffee carries a host of African-inspired coffee and other products, including this sexy Cheeseman Park companion – a wine box with working integrated radio. Let the music play.

    (Via BoingBoing)

  • Mark Your Calendars: Fort Collins Unveils Logo Options Tomorrow

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    In an unprecedented move, that the Egotist can’t help but take partial credit for, Fort Collins will be revealing their three choices for the new logo tomorrow.

    That’s right, THREE CHOICES. And they’re sinking more of the city funds into soliciting residents’ feedback as to which mark they prefer. As if the 76 grand they were fleeced for for the “market study” wasn’t enough. And how does setting up feedback booths at The Taste of Colorado (in Denver) constitute getting “resident’s feedback?”

    From the article on Coloradan.com, Three options for a Fort Collins logo will be unveiled Tuesday for City Council members and residents.

    The options include a new logo, the current logo and a revised version of the logo that was pulled in March shortly after being unveiled. All three incorporate Horsetooth Rock.

    The logo choices will be posted on the city’s Web site Tuesday, kicking off a six-day period for residents to tell city leaders which they prefer.

    The selection process on the Web site will end at midnight June 15.

    The city also will have feedback stations June 14-15 at the Taste of Colorado at Civic Center Park, and other stations will be set up at community events from Friday through June 15.

    Read the full article here.

    And stay tuned for the big reveal here tomorrow. We know Fort Collins officials will be eagerly awaiting the feedback from The Egotist faithful.

    (Thanks for the heads up on this, Brad)

  • Familjen Dafgård: Kama Sutra

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    A couple of really great spots for the single father in you. Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Göteborg.

  • Attention Copywriters...

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    Naming some lame client’s 13 strip mall locations today? These shots of The 50 Best Pun Stores are sure to inspire greatness in your endeavor.

    (Thanks for the link, Jim)

  • << New Positions Posted

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    1). ToolStudios is looking for a Front-end Web Developer.

    2). ToolStudios is looking for an Art Director.

    3). ToolStudios is looking for an Interactive Account Manager.

    4). Aspen Magazine is looking for a Graphic Designer/Art Director.

    5). National Jewish Medical & Research Center is looking for a Design Specialist.

    6). Imulus is looking for an ASP.NET Web Developer/Programmer.

    Go get ‘em.

  • Hell Yeah

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    For what it’s worth, we love seeing all the comments dropped over the last few days from everyone. Let’s keep this dialog honest, fresh and continual. Have a good weekend. Summer’s here, baby.

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