• This Is Bullshit

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    According to The Blog Cuss-O-Meter, The Egotist has a “high” level of cursing – with 264% more four-letter words than other websites who took the test. How can we hope to change Denver with such a pathetic score? Time to can some of the editorial staff over here and get some foul-mouthed freaks in the mix. Any fuckin’ takers?

  • At Least He Had His Smokes

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    Nicholas White was trapped inside of car No. 30 for 41 hours in NYC’s McGraw-Hill building. The security camera captured it all.

    (Via Laboratory 101)

  • Simple, Nostalgic, Lego

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    For anyone who grew up on Legos, it’s hard to look at these print ads without taking a moment to remember the good old days, back when all you had to worry about was trying to stay up past your bedtime.

    (Via Frederick Samuel)

  • Weight Watchers: The History of Dieting

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    Advertising in the diet industry has been like a broken record for the last, say, one million years. Nice to see Weight Watchers bringing hope back to a hopelessly bloated industry via this fine spot from Hornet Inc.‘s Peter Sluszka.

  • You Know You're a Wanker When...

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    You’ve started a one-man band with your only instrument being an iPhone. Frickin’ wanker.

  • Parkinson’s Society: Struggle at Home

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    Powerful spot for the Parkinson’s Society of Canada revealing the inner struggle people with Parkinson’s deal with every day. Agency: Taxi 2.

    (Via Duncan’s TV Ad Land)

  • Adorn Interiors Identity Via Sukle

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    We’ve never been one to hide our admiration for shops that truly get it here in Colorado. What’s impressive about Sukle (among many things) is that they even spend the time to put conceptual thinking into their identity projects for clients.

    The idea in this work for a local interior designer it to make the business cards look like old wallpaper sample chips (laminating different scraps of wallpaper on the backs) – with the envelopes themselves actually being made from wallpaper scraps. Keep it comin’, Sukle.

  • I Wish (That Girls Were More Like Pot Noodle)

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    The ol’ “ad message as musical parody” is often done. Still, there is something about the twisted lyrics and 80s soft haze music-video/high school stage production quality of this spot for Pot Noodle that delights us. From Mother, London.

    (Via Adfreak)

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