• Killer Shoes

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    Knives and stabbing usually don’t come to mind when you think of Nike, but apparently a lot of people think otherwise. The “Nike Air Stab Trainer” has been removed from shelves after a high amount of knife crime in the UK. Was it the right thing to do? Thoughts?

    (Via Adland)

  • Denver Design Studio Spotlight: Ebb+Flow Design

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    We’re happy to say our recent rant lit a fire under one local shop hardly anyone’s ever heard of. They’ve been locked away doing seriously admirable work for a range of clients – without time to properly introduce themselves to you. Kindly allow The Egotist to do so now with the grace and respect they deserve for putting together a nice breadth of work and setting it gently in our inbox.

    Calling themselves “a new, small, experienced, creative, hungry, working-towards-bigger-things shop,” Ebb+Flow Design is a delightful new offering in Denver’s creative landscape. The one caveat they offer as you peruse the work below and wander over to their site: “We know our site is a little thin and we’re not looking for a crit of it. Some of the work on the site was done while we worked for others shops in the past. We’d like feedback on the work we’ve submitted, so please post it and let people know.”

    Without further ado… Denver’s Ebb+Flow Design.

    ^ We did these in partnership with B. Hawkins Assoc. here in Denver. Sram didn’t choose the elixer comp, but isn’t it sweet?

    ^ We did a 52-page book for Egg strategy up in Boulder. We took the pix and did the illustrations. “Dozen” on the cover is debossed and looks fantastic.

    ^ We named this company, designed the logo, the stationery system, the website and we’re helping with the UI of the actual product. This is one of our deepest case studies to date.

    ^ These are some direct mail brochures we did for Fetter Logic here in denver. we did the cool illustrations too.

    ^ Remember that K2/Design Within Reach snowboard deck design competition from a few months ago? Well, the one on the left took second, the one on the right didn’t place, but it tried it’s best._

    ^ We did these bus shelter posters for our friend Sean O’leary at Sean O’leary Photography. Sean O’leary Photography, you owe us a beer now.

    ^_This is some personal work from a trip to Costa Rica.

    Ebb+Flow Design is located at 4920 Gray Street in Denver, Colorado and can be phoned at 303.717.1197.

  • The Denver 50: Rumor #1

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    We got an obscure email from the New Denver Ad Club today asking that we tell everyone to go check out this site on YouTube and watch the first video they’ve posted. They’ve assured us there’s more unraveling to come. Stay tuned.

  • Factory Explodes

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    If you’re wondering which Denver agency deserves your admiration today, check out the photo gallery Factory Design Labs just sent us filled with shots of their new offices in Cherry Creek. Time to dust off your book, get it dialed up and get it over there.

    To accompany the new digs, you’ll also find a fresh new offering by way of Factory’s tidy, new website – which begins with a tasty brand film that encompasses “all of who they are.” Find it here.

    It’s been a goal.dream.wish.focus and most importantly a responsibility to our clients and our staff. To fulfill the potential and engage the future of this collective of brands and professionals.

    We have not only grown our footprint by 200% but we have also upgraded our facilities and infrastructure beyond comprehension. All fiber optic, all wireless, all HD, and totally integrated systems. We’ve created the agency of the future with the teams, intellectual property, experience and expertise to match.

    And in response to your immediate question – I can answer honestly that it will absolutely affect you in the following ways:

    We will be ever more relevant
    We are even more focused on quality
    We have a new energy that will inspire
    We are even more focused on our culture and growing it
    We are totally dedicated to our clients

    We have invested in our relationship with you. And please know that we enjoy your trust.

    I cannot thank you enough.

    Scott Mellin

  • Coke's Cultural Collaboration

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    A friend just sent us a link to a pretty cool offering from Coca~Cola as part of their Design The World A Coke project, they created called WE8.

    It is described on the website as “an artistic and cultural exchange like no other.” They paired eight of China’s most innovative artists and design shops with eight of the top progressive musicians from the west to create eight collector’s-edition aluminum bottles with accompanying soundtrack. Each bottle expresses a different theme: Happiness, Active Optimism, Human Collaboration, Peace On Earth, Individual Perseverance, Healthy World, Uplifting Moments and Global Harmony.

    Expanded View

    Pretty much everything about this project kicks ass. The intro delivers some pretty cool insight into the logo design. The site is bold, yet clean in its design. The active mouse-over bottle/artist display, limiting the need for click-through navigation, is engaging. You do have to click to learn about individual artist/musician pairings, but the navigation is really intuitive and the insight you can gain is well worth it. Our only complaint is the availability of the bottles. The promotional events where the public could get these bottles are actually a series of mall concerts for the Simon mall chain.
    (Yes, Coca~Cola is a co-sponsor.)

    Unfortunately, this leaves us Coloradans high and dry, unless you are planning to roadtrip to Edina, MN. You can, howeve,r buy them at 8 bucks a pop online right here.

  • New Editorial: Thursday Morning Poll >>

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    This question has been on our minds for a while. And now we formerly ask for your opinion on the matter.

  • Irn Bru: If...

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    Wonderfully poetic and patriotic spot. Agency: The Leith Agency.

    (Via Duncan’s TV Ad Land)

  • Pimping Your iPhone

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    The new apps for the iPhone, released as part of the 2.0 update, have further embedded the device into nearly every minute of our waking lives. So, far we’ve grabbed five free apps we’re finding pretty damn valuable.

    AIM – 20 texts per month as part of the standard AT&T plan isn’t much. Having instant messenger is saving us from that worry. People are complaining about its functionality, but we haven’t had any issues.

    Shazam – Allows you to hold your phone up to any song you hear playing, tells you the name and artiest, then tags it for you to purchase later if desired.

    Pandora – If you’ve ever used it online, this works the same way. Enter the name of an artist or song and Pandora creates a custom radio station that plays their music and more like it.

    Remote – Turns your iPhone into a remote control, letting you control the music on your computer. Great if your computer doubles as your home stereo.

    Urbanspoon – Enter where you are, the type of food you want to eat and your price range and Urbanspoon will pick a restaurant for you. If nothing else, the mock slot machine functionality is good for picking up chicks.

    What have you downloaded that’s worthwhile?

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