• << New Design Director Position Posted

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    Boulder’s Vermilion is searching. We consider this a very rare opportunity.

  • Designers, Here's A Chance To Give Something Back

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    Elysia at Liquid just sent us some details on an AIGA-sponsored poster project in which designers work with disabled artists. Below, is the poster she designed last year.


    Teens (ages 14-18) with a disability and commitment to bettering their lives and the lives of others with disabilities will visit the Access Gallery for four consecutive Thursdays this summer.

    During these sessions, teens will learn about the Access Gallery and participate in a workshop about the art of the Protest/Educational Poster. Teens will learn to communicate and express concepts by designing a poster. Each teen will be asked to describe their biggest frustration or everyday obstacles they encounter related to accessibility.

    After the concepts are fleshed out each teen will meet with a graphic designer that will take their concepts and ideas and translate them to a 24 × 36 inch poster. A total of five to six hours over the month-long session is the graphic designer’s commitment.

    Each finished poster will be framed and shown in the Access Studio during a show August 15 – September 6, during the Democratic National Convention.

    Please contact Rori Knudtson, roriknudtson[at]gmail.com or 303-552-1939 for more information.

  • << New Account Director and Media Director Positions Posted

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    The lazy (read: busy) individuals running this site unfortunately sat on these positions until today. San Francisco-based agency, Hoffman Lewis, has just hooked up some Denver clients and is looking to staff up an office here. In their email, it said they’re “hoping to meet qualified candidates between May 20th and 23rd.” That’s this week. Be sure to get in touch with them NOW if you’re on the hunt for a new gig.

  • Cactus Ad Featured In CA Online Exhibit

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    Cactus continues to represent in this intriguing ad for the launch of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Center of Colorado online healthcare referral database. We could tell you it’s well written and well art directed, but we would simply be stating the obvious. Great work guys. Check out the ad and write up here.

  • Gladys Knight's Pips Auditions

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    Thought this was a semi-entertaining part of the American Idol finale last night.

  • Top 10 Wired Reader Macro Photos, Decided by You

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    WIRED has a little contest going on over at their site. Some of these shots are just amazing.

  • In 75 Years You'll Dress Like A Complete Douche

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    If you play tennis and this video from Lacoste comes true. Check out the new site that goes along with it.

    (Via Fubiz)

  • European Car Wars

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    The first spot below is from a campaign for Citroën promoting the C4 Coupe that originally launched in November 2004 via Euro RSCG, London. The second spot is a bash on the original campaign from StrawberryFrog, Amsterdam running now. Pretty sweet.

    (Via Duncan’s TV Ad Land)

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