• A Break From The Political Crap

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    We never intended today to be so heavy on the political, so here’s one of our favorite spots of all time. This is how you do frat humor without being heavy handed. Crank up the volume on your computer and enjoy.

  • Obama Ad Vs. McCain Ad: You Be The Judge

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    Politics aside, we think the Obama ad is much more convincing to an undecided voter. Which would you rather have on your reel?

  • New Beer Review: Flying Dog Dogtoberfest Marzen >>

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    Bust out your lederhosen and tuck your weinerdogs under your arm. It’s that time of year again. Check out the review.

  • Rock The Mike This Saturday. Be There.

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    Drink kick ass beer all night for 20 bucks. Some of Denver’s best punk playing live all night. It’s your college house party, all growed up. Best of all, 100% of the take goes to help Mike Freeman with his medical bills. No excuses. Show up.

  • Where In The World Is Kristi King?

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    We’ve been getting a lot of work local shops have been creating for the DNC. The one glaring exception is the official credential the DNCC contracted to local designer Kristi King. If someone could get this to us, we would love to share them. Send them to the[at]denvertegotist.com.

  • Art Meets Democracy With Manifest Hope

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    What do you get when you combine 10,000 feet of gallery space, more than 80 local and national modern and contemporary artists (including a few of the Denver Egotist faithful), and the Democratic National Convention? You get the Manifest Hope Gallery, a four day show highlighting the central themes of the progressive grass-roots movement – Hope Change, Progress, Unity and Patriotism.

    (Click image to view detail.)

    As explained on their site, Manifest Hope will showcase some of the finest modern contemporary artists, acclaimed NY painters and sculptors, activated grass roots and street artists, and present the most widely recognized pieces seen throughout the 2008 presidential primary campaign, as well as newly commissioned works and previous works on loan from some of the United States top artists.

    If David Choe’s work (pictured here in progress) is any indicator, this will be one of the top art events of the DNC and possibly the year. (WE JUST ADDED A REVIEW OF THE SHOW. READ IT HERE)

    Participating Artists:
    Aaron Martin // Adrian Sanchez // Alexis McKenzie // Amy Martin // Amy Rice // Andy Howell // Alex Pardee // Cathie Bleck // Casey Ryder // Chanel Kennebrew // Chris Pastras // Chris Yates // Cydney Payton // Dan Monick // Date Farmers // David Choe // David Lanham // Deroy Peraza // Diederick Kraaijeveld // Eddie // Elizabeth Rosen // Emek // Evan Hecox // Frank Chimero // Franke // Gary Baseman // HVW8 // Irene Hardwicke Olivieri // Jason Alberto // Justin Alberto Garcia // Jason Giglio // Jeff Zimmerman // Jesselisa Moretti // Jude Buffum // Julie Adler // Justin Bua // Kate Luscher //Kay Tuttle // Keith Negley // Kofie // Leontine Greenberg // Lisa Anne Auerbach // Lisa Congdon // Lukas Ketner // MAC //Max Ginsburg // Maya Hayuk // Mear One // Mel Kadel // Melanie Reim // Morning Breath // Munk One // Nick Dewar // Pete Yahnke // Philip John Lumbang // Ray Noland aka CRO // Rebecca Berdel // Retna // Rick Griffith // Ron English // Ron Keas // Sam Flores // Sarah Hoskins // Scot Lefavor // Shannon Bonatakis and Josh Holland // Shepard Fairey // Cypher13 // Todd Lockwood // Tom Slaughter // Mike Moore (Tres Birds) // Van Taylor Monroe // Zara Gonzalez // Zina Saunders // Zoltron // Aaron Axelrod // Thomas Brodhal // Ginger Che // Catia Chien // Christopher Cox // Grotesk // Damon Locks // Zach McDonald // Tres Birds // Adrian Tucker // Arellano Harvath // Antar Dayal // Vincent Comparetto

  • Undrcrwn Obama Tshirt @ the 400

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    Premium apparel company Undrcrwn is bringing its basketball-inspired graphic twist to Denver for the Democratic National Convention during the week of August 25, 2008. “Nothing is more basic than our right to vote for our President and we wanted to put our own visual look to the November election to show our support. For inspiration, we brought back Vince Carter’s dunk over France’s Fred Weiss in the 2000 Olympics and combined it with Barak Obama’s smooth game” says Bryon Sheng, Uncrwn’s marketing director.

    Undrcrwn has partnered with local Denver retailer The 400 to offer this tee to the public during the Democratic National Convention.

    We dunno guys, Undrcrwn has done some really cool stuff in the past, but this is kinda janky.

    Also, how on earth is this gonna get screenprinted? We count like 20 colors and as many gradients. Iron-on?

  • EA Sports Agrees: User Generated Content Reigns Supreme

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    If you don’t fully appreciate the power of user generated content in today’s world, check out EA Sports’ reaction to some UGC that was created a year ago.

    A year ago, a Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 player posted a video on YouTube showing a [glitch in] the game: the Jesus shot. In the Jesus shot, Tiger Woods can hit the ball while standing on water. Recently, an EA Sports reaction popped up in which the real Tiger respond.

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

    (Via Adverblog)

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