• The Denver Post on The Denver Egotist

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    One of the blogs at The Denver Post just interviewed us on our views on Denver’s creative, its suckiness and our theory on how it can suck less. Check it out.

    BSOA: Why is “attempting to help denver suck less, daily” your tagline?

    TDE: Back when we started our site in July 2007, 416 days ago today, we put up a post that summarized our reasoning for The Denver Egotist’s existence. That post is here for reference.

    To summarize, the creators of our site were off doing very creative things in very creative cities. We returned to Denver for individual reasons and collectively found Colorado dreadfully uninspiring and lethargic in its creative output.

    Everyone worked in a silo. Everyone was fiercely protective of their work, afraid some other agency might sneak in and steal their clients. Everyone was looking inward for inspiration, instead of looking outward at shops in their own city and to the world beyond. There was no collective dialog or driver of provoking thought. Denver sucked. We wanted to create a place to open the eyes of the creative class and show them the bar they need to hit to play on a larger stage – and become the city we think we can become.

    Also, “Helping Denver suck more, daily” was already taken by Upper Colfax Redlighters, LLC. We checked.

    Keep going. We’ve only just begun.

  • New Editorial: Manifest Hope Gallery Review >>

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    Sunday was the official media preview of the Manifest Hope Gallery at 2990 Larimer Street. The Denver Egotist was there, and you can read about it for yourself. Be sure to check out the images from the show at the end of the editorial.

    Here’s a shot of one of the rooms. That’s Shepard Fairey’s work dominating the center of the room.

  • New Editorial: Monday's Advertising We Hate: Nationwide Sanjaya >>

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    To start off every new week in a bright, sunny way, we’re doing a new column called Monday’s Advertising We Hate. Nationwide’s Sanjaya spot starts us off.

  • This Is New York City

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    Just saw this on the boob tube. Just loved it.

  • Unboxing the Samsung Omnia

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    This is just fantastic. It’s a viral for the new Samsung Omnia phone. The video’s creator poses as a tech blog editor receiving the product from Samsung for the first time and videotaping its unboxing. Turns out the blog is fictitious and Samsung is behind the effort. Nice work. More info here.

  • RockNRolla

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    We’re pulling for Guy Ritchie to pull his head out of Madonna’s ass and match the witty dialog and cinematic interest of Snatch in his upcoming movie RockNRolla. Here’s the stunning title sequence from Prologue Films‘ Danny Yount, incorporating character illustrations from Chris Sanchez – along with a trailer for the film below that. Looks pretty badass if you’re asking us.

    (Via Motionographer)

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