• Lürzers Archive Honors Paul Arden

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    If you haven’t read British ad legend Paul Arden’s books, you should punch yourself in the stomach then go over to the book store and pick them up for a great read. Here’s a print ad created by Publicis, Zurich, matching the look of Arden’s book cover, to honor the former ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi.

    (Via Adland)

  • Plastic Ice Rinks

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    Is there anything that can’t be turned into plastic? Not according to the Japanese.

  • Windsor Tornado Footage

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    Holy crap, man. Read the full report from someone at the scene and check out some video footage on Justin McCammon’s site.

  • Jobzonen.dk: Doll

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    The Band-Aids, cuts and black eyes on the faces seem unnecessary to communicate the idea. But either way, it’s a great campaign. See #2 here and #3 here.

  • Photo Caption Contest

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    Winner receives verbal praise for their wisdom.

  • Creating PSA's Ain't That Difficult

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    Check out the Random Bad PSA Generator and you will wonder why you ever spent more than 20 minutes on that “green” script for your client.

    (Thanks to Greg. Keep surfing the web and sending us stuff like this. We promise we won’t tell your boss.)

  • The Mighty Swoosh Is Running Away

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    Over on AdScam, George Parker is reporting that CP+B has lost its portion of the Nike account and it’s headed back to Wieden. Damn. Read it here.

  • Swedes On Weed

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    Wow, this selection of McD’s commercials from DDB, Stockholm is hard to believe – and equally hard to take your eyes off of.

    (Via Adfreak)

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