• P&B (OF CP&B Fame), You Brilliant Bastards

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    First, you make us fat with your inarguably fantastic cross-media approach to infiltrating our lives with everything The King, then you turn around and sell us a book explaining how we’ve been tricked into being fat. Pure. Freaking. Genius. (And we’ll admit, we can’t wait to read the book to absorb your insights.)

    Read all about how things like a change in plate size and renaming meal sizes (“The large became the medium, the medium became the small and the small became the child size”) have duped Americans into eating more in “The Nine Inch Diet,” the new book by Alex Bogusky (with a little help from Chuck Porter). This article from Creativity Online has all the details.

  • Vitaminwater Commercial Work Failing

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    We get severely irritated by vitaminwater’s TV. Can’t quite explain it. It’s like the kitschy copy and tone on the bottles can’t translate beyond the packaging. Plus, the scenarios depicted are so painfully ridiculous, not in a good way. And the announcer-read ingredient copy? Give us frickin’ break. What do you think of this work?

  • Wednesday Lunchtime Poll #14 >>

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    Fire up your flux capacitors, and check out this week’s poll question.

  • The Denver Warbler on The Denver Egotist

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    The Denver Warbler is a quirky, interesting publication that resides both online and in printed version, distributed at various locales across the city.

    They took the time to put together some questions for us recently. So, we took some time to answer them. Check out the interview and let us know what you think. Our favorite (and the only) comment under the interview so far on their site? The Egotist is a wee cunt. Maybe not a wee cunt, he/she is probably some fat sweaty bitch that gets a throbbing fanny when people ever use Helvetica Neue.

    Do you really think Denver sucks?
    When compared to its potential, yes.

    If you could change one thing about Denver it would be…
    On the coast of Southern California.

    Do you really think the answer lies in “challenging one another and holding each other” [we do]?
    If we’re holding each other in some kind of powerful necklock, the statement is definitely one to live and work by.

    Keep reading. It gets good.

  • Xbox 360: Viva Piñata

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    “Don’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Nice line.

    (Via Adgoodness)

  • Would You Share Your Dead Work With The Egotist?

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    It’s a fact of life in our industry, many times what gets produced isn’t an agency’s best idea. The reasons are many, but that’s not what this is about. We have an idea to help showcase your true thinking. We’re not sure how well it’ll be received, so we’ve decided to simply ask you.

    Here’s the idea: You send us your great concepts the client killed, especially if the final produced work falls into the less-than-stellar category. Then we post your great thinking. Our thought is, this would offer outsiders a peek into your true creative abilities beyond just the comfort level your clients have with accepting great ideas. But this will only work if people are willing to send us their dead concepts.

    So we ask, “Would you be willing to send us your great ideas that were killed?”

  • Getting Conceptual Outside The Crapper

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    While we all know where most of us do our best thinking, we ran across some cases of great thinking used to show where to find that refuge. Enjoy our favorite restroom signs from around the world.

    (Via Nischal on Posterus)

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