• Ravensburger Puzzle Ambient

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    You don’t see many ads for puzzles. And you definitely don’t see many ads for puzzles like this. Fantastic work from Scholz & Friends, Berlin.

    (Via Disruption)

  • !mpossible Pictures Lands A Huge Fish

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    We L-O-V-E hearing big news like this. Denver’s own Impossible Pictures has just added a fresh new face a mother was born to love. Check out his bio and see if you don’t agree.

    Mike Slane is an award winning animator, designer and director by way of Los Angeles. Starting as a Senior Designer with Motion Theory, Mike later moved to Exopolis as an Associate Creative Director. His portfolio includes the HP “Hands” campaign for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Nike spots through Wieden + Kennedy, Beck’s Mad Magazine fold-in inspired music video for the track “Girl,” “Wrapshear” for Reebok via mcgarrybowen, spot work for Emerald Nuts, Cadillac, Budweiser, Gatorade, and directing for Sprint, Niketown and Delta Airlines.

    Whew, killer credentials. Pop over here and check out his reel, as well. Welcome, Mike, very nice to have you here in Denver.

  • Mommy Dearest

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    Denver Roller Dolls is, according to their website, a league “where women of all sizes, backgrounds and skill levels can compete in an intensely athletic and supportive atmosphere.”

    Former McClain Finlon art director Michael Maciolek (who we hear has landed at Crispin – nicely done) has been helping out the league with materials. He partnered with writer Ryan Johnson for this latest one-off. We’d say it captures the spirit of the sport and its mission.

    If you’ve got the time, check out the teams and the players’ names. We’re especially fond of Fiona Grapple, Abbey Rogue and Elle Yeah. These chicks ain’t messin’ around.

  • It Came from On High

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    This new work from TDA Advertising & Design reaches great heights. No, wait, this work is the pinnacle of excellence. Shit. No. It climbs above the rest. It ascends… Oh, screw it. Here’s some stuff from TDA for Petzl, a world leader in equipment for caving, rock climbing, mountaineering.

    The campaign supposes climbing stars share the same status as mainstream sports heroes. We’ll buy it — just as soon as they build 80,000-seat stadiums around rock faces and start selling nachos and beer in the alcoves. And the crowd shouts, “Belay!!”

    The campaign also features actual Dave Graham bobbleheads and a series of climber trading cards, because, hey, we all need more crap on our shelves.

    CD/CW: Jonathan Schoenberg
    CD: Thomas Dooley
    ADs: Will Geddes, Alex Rice
    Photography: Paul Stern, Boulder

  • Not Even Once

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    The Montana Meth Project is an ongoing television, print, and radio campaign, and is currently the largest advertiser in the state of Montana.

    The Montana Meth Project is a large-scale exercise in prevention, aimed at significantly reducing Meth use in Montana. The integrated program consists of an ongoing, research-based marketing campaign—supported by community outreach and public policy initiatives—that realistically and graphically communicate the risks of methamphetamine to the youth of Montana.

    Definitely some hard-hitting, saturation level marketing, for a good cause.

    Check it out

  • Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of Crush Our Skull

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    To complete today’s viral tricrapda, may we present another piece of “captured” footage created by an agency we actually really respect – Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. BSSP has the LucasArts games account and thought they’d put this little “disguised” video out there for all you non-suspecting consumers to eat up over the Internets. For a little redemption, check out the post and comments over on BoingBoing where readers put the video in its place.

    (Thanks for the link, Adam)

  • It's Wednesday Poll Time >>

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    Thanks for all who shared with us last week. We’re thinking of taking up a collection to help keep Steve Whittier stocked with sunscreen and scones. (It’ll be up to him as to which he eats.)

    Check out this week’s poll question and pipe in with your two cent’s worth.

  • Please, God, Take Nebraska Out of Its Misery

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    Raise your hand if you’d ever consider a vacation to Nebraska over, say, anywhere else on the planet. Well, the Nebraska Travel and Tourism Division is betting you would – especially after seeing the crazy new videos they’ve developed, called the Adventures of Ben & Riley. Featuring two radical dudes, these office workers dream up plans to pull pranks on their co-workers who are off vacationing in Nebraska.

    According to The Omaha World-Herald, Christian Hornbaker, director of the state’s Travel and Tourism Division, says this is an edgy effort to capture the imagination — and the travel dollar — of younger people who surf YouTube and other websites for entertainment and information. The videos were part of a $129,000 venture to boldly go where young people hang out these days: on the Internet. It’s out-of-the-box thinking, to try and reach out to as many people as possible in this Internet age, he said.

    Apparently, the marketing directors from state tourism offices across the country (including ours) are being plucked off the exact same short bus. (At least Michigan is showing some sense when it comes to this stuff.)

    If you want to suffer through Ben & Riley #2 and #3, have at it. You’re more man than us.

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