• Beer Review #2: Avery's Karma >>

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    In perfect time for the happiest hour of the week, may we present beer review #2 for Avery’s Karma from our lifelong drinking buddies at Flying Dog Brewery. Cheers!

  • Tick, Tick, Tick

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    Reminder: Get your ADCD award show entries in TODAY!! According to ADCD Graffiti, they’re seeing the usual suspects but also some fresh newbies. Are you in the mix?

  • You Gassy?

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    Yeah you is. Amend the air.

    (Via Yanko Design)

  • Honda Skydives Into Ad Greatness

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    Did you hear about Honda and Wieden + Kennedy’s live three-minute skydiving stunt last night? To prove out their new “Difficult is Worth Doing” tagline, they had a team of skydivers spell out the word “Honda” in the sky over Spain. The ad stunt, which they pulled off, was broadcasted live on British TV during a three-minute commercial. Man, hard to compete with this brilliance.

    Read the full run-down on Welcome to Optimism.

  • Daddy Needs New Shoes. And Books. And Wallets. And Toys.

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    We’re glad to see the new and improved Composition website is up and running. In case you haven’t been to the store, Composition is a fantastic shop in Belmar that caters to lovers of great design. Store owner Jennifer Roberts has amassed an impressive collection of goods during her five years of business — from housewares and gadgets to art books and clothing. She’s had her ups and downs, but we admire her persistence and passion for design.

    We loved the elegant simplicity of her previous award-winning site. While the new site loses some of that, it more than makes up for it in the vastness of the product offerings. She’s also added a blog to share her thoughts on design, happenings at the store and various things. Check out the Picture a Day project for a collection of beautiful faces. You’ll probably see someone you know.

    This is one more example of the kind of place the creative community in Denver needs to support. Check out the site or, better yet, drop by the store.

    One additional note: The new site is credited to Superheroes. Does anyone know anything about them?

  • What Would You Ask Mike Sukle?

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    We’re prepping our interview for one of Colorado’s most impressive creative minds, Mike Sukle. Got a deep burning question you want us to ask him? Throw it below and we’ll take it from there.

  • The World's Biggest Scam

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    This is completely fake. It’s only a theoretical project. How does that hit you?

  • Leica Outdoor

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    Fun and memorable outdoor campaign for the Leica 12x Optical Zoom V-Lux 1 Camera.

    (via Ads of the World)

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