• Let's Cuddle

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    This is just good, wholesome fun. Soft & Furry™ – a slightly mysterious site and yet-to-be-made line of toys – is hosting a contest for designers. Your job: design the logo.

    SOFT&FURRY™ is a project dedicated to creativity and collaboration. The premise behind S&F™ is to elicit participation in an alternative logo design competition. The winning logo will adorn the packaging and other associated elements of an all new, fully custom, handmade line of designer collectible toys.

    Check out the site for details, but the basic premise of the competition is this: submit logos every week for eight weeks. Each week, a winning logo will be selected for the final round. At the end of the competition, the eight weekly winners will be judged, with one grand champion chosen. The winner gets a whole mess of attention and nifty prizes. Along the way, other outstanding designs will be shared for inspiration and generous amounts of praise. You should do this. First deadline is this Friday at midnight.

    Because the site doesn’t feature any eye candy yet (that’s your job), please enjoy this totally unrelated picture of a lonely duck we found near a pond somewhere in western Colorado.

  • Because Rocks Hurt

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    Shred Ready is a small company based in Auburn, Alabama. They manufacture helmets for kayaking, skiing, skateboarding and various other sports where one’s melon needs protection. Local art director Gordy Hirsch recently shared with us a print campaign he helped develop for the company. Playing off the ol’ faux public service approach, the work dramatizes the abuse your head endures on the river. The work is featured below – along with credits.

    Additionally, Gordy let us know Shred Ready is hosting a mini art show at this weekend’s Teva Mountain Games in Vail. The show features new Shred Ready helmets painted and adorned by various artists from all over. From Gordy:

    These art shows were formed to launch the new helmet and get a taste of different types of graphics for potential collaborations in the future for limited edition releases. Portions of each helmet sale are donated to the American Whitewater Foundation.

    You can learn more about the project at becauserockshurt.com, although the site looks like it needs to be updated. If you’re heading to the games this weekend, drop by and check out the head gear.

    Thanks for sharing, Gordy.

    AD: Gordy Hirsch, Jewell Rutledge (Big Bang, Seattle)
    CW: Lee Perlman
    PHOTO: EJ Newton

  • Louis CK: This Weekend

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    Highly recommend hitting Louis CK’s stand-up this Thursday, Friday or Saturday night at Comedy Works downtown. Funny bastard. Ticket info here.

  • Washington Lottery: Birds

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    Always interesting to see what’s cooking in the way of advertising for the lottery in other states. This is for Washington. Agency: Publicis in the West, Seattle.

  • The World's Shortest Film Festival

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    30 films in 9 minutes. Definitely worth your time.

  • Mercedes Benz Motion Graphics Orgasm

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    We like. You like?

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  • Get Your Gossip Here >>

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    Just feeling out whether there’s any dirty laundry to share out there, Denver. Drop a comment if you’re so inclined.

  • Suntory Whisky Q: Duran Duran

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    So weird. So good. So Japanese.

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