• Last Chance To Ask Ralph Steadman About Ralph Steadman

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    He’s inarguably one of the greatest artistic minds around. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have some of his genius rub off. Don’t waste it. Post your questions for Mr. Steadman below, and no, he won’t give you a free painting.

  • Big Management Changes at Xylem CCI

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    DENVERXylem CCI today announced the following changes to its senior management team: Scott C. Snyder, the Company’s Principal and Chief Strategy Officer, has assumed the role of interim Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, replacing Phillip Lockwood, who has resigned from the company and from his roles as Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, and production management responsibilities. Lockwood remains a member of the Xylem CCI Board of Directors and will continue to maintain a significant equity position in the company. Corey Inouye, VP of Account Services, has been promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer and named as Board of Directors Treasurer. John Gilbert, Creative Director, has been named Board of Directors Secretary. All of these changes are effective immediately.

    The company will retain an executive search firm and will begin a nationwide search for the Chief Executive Officer position. “I have agreed to assume the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board on an interim basis at the request of the Board of Directors, who determined that, in consideration of the tremendous opportunities for growth at Xylem CCI and my business background in accelerating growth with other companies, that I would be the most appropriate person to lead the company on an interim basis while being tasked to identify a new CEO that will take the company to the next level of success,” said Scott Snyder. “The Board of Directors is committed to realizing the company’s optimal success for the benefit of our team members, customers and business partners, and thanks Phillip Lockwood for his professionalism and commitment in guiding the company’s growth path following the merger of Xylem Interactive, Inc. and Creation Chamber, Inc. since May 2007,” Snyder said.

    Mr. Snyder has been Principal/Chief Strategy Officer, and Board of Directors Secretary for the company since May 2007 and previously served as Principal for Xylem Interactive prior to the merger. Snyder was the former VP of Marketing for Medical Simulation Corporation, and a Publisher for Reed Elsevier, the world’s largest B-to-B publishing company.

    Mr. Inouye has been Vice President of Account Services for the company since June 2007 and has served as a member of the Board of Directors since February 2008. Mr. Inouye was the former Strategic Director for The Peterson Group in Newport Beach, CA, a marketing & interactive agency.

  • Interpol: Rest My Chemistry

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    Director: Blip Boutique, featuring visual programming by Aaron Koblin with editing and visual effects by Roger Scott.

  • The Lenovo Spill Resistant Keyboard

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    OK, we get the whole, “Let’s show how great our product features are by creating a funny, unrealistic alternative theater of the absurd execution,” but we have to say enough already. Especially if it is as weak as this. If you’re going rehash an idea that’s been done numerous times before, please do it better or do it differently.

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  • Floating Movie Heads

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    If you’ve ever stayed up all night like us and wondered who made all those floating head movie posters… your prayers have been answered. Funny or Die wants to explain the process.

    See more funny videos at Funny or Die

    (Via Funny or Die)

  • New Editorial: The Egotist Inverviews: Felix Sockwell >>

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    He’s speaking tonight as part of AIGA’s Speaker Series ’08-‘09. Read our Q&A with Felix, and if you make it all the way to the end you might find a special surprise waiting for you.

  • Last Time in Clerkenwell

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    This animation is based on the track “Cloud Cuckoo Land” from the album “The London Book of the Dead” by British band The Real Tuesday Weld. The film shows what happened to the Royal Legion of birds from the animation “Bathtime in Clerkenwell” (2002) after they took over London and came to power. The Bird Empire expands beyond the Earth boundaries and falls under unexpected circumstances. The piece was made in Flash.

  • Soft&Furry™ Getting Really Interesting

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    The crew at cypher13 has been getting their DIY artist series custom toys back from the illustrators working on them around the world and they’ve posting shots of the impressive products on their blog, joyengine. The first 100 Soft&Furry toys will be officially revealed on September 13th at Denver’s Plastic Chapel. Should be a great show.

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