• Skull A Day

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    It’s fun, yet simple projects like this that make us smile and add a little creativity to our day.

  • Hire This Guy Already

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    A lot of people have emailed us their books during the McClain Finlon / Qwest fallout looking for assistance on next steps in their career. We’ve tried to help everyone in some way, privately dealing with some via email. And in other cases, publicly pushing those we feel have that certain sparkle – someone we definitely recommend you be talking to.

    Brandon Genova is that someone worthy of public praise – a solid, decade-deep design vet ready to move onward and upward into the shop that’s looking to fill out an A-list roster. Give him a test and let him wow you.

  • Denver, Meet Vladimir Jones

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    Uhhh? Huh? Uhhh. Alrighty. PRACO, “Colorado’s oldest agency,” located in the Springs, today unveiled its new identity. Their new name is Vladimir Jones.

    According to Nechie Hall, CEO of Vladimir Jones, the agency will operate under a new corporate vision as “An Agency of Exciting Minds. We tested a number of new names,” Hall added, “and Vladimir Jones continuously rose to the top.”

    “The first thing everyone asks is, ‘is he real?’” said George Olson, Chief Creative Officer at the agency. “The answer is, of course, yes. Vladimir Jones is the very real person inside everybody who struggles with the great dualities of our business. Is it art or commerce? Do we engage the heart or head? Do we go by research or our gut? Are we about winning sales or souls? Vladimir Jones is our way of saying we choose both. He represents the fusion of discipline and soul, of precision and emotion. And yes, he’s a Sagittarius.”

    Without further comment from us (because you know exactly what we’re thinking), we’d like to get your thoughts on this whole business. Comments commence.

  • Orange: Rewind TV

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    The simplest advertising ideas are always the best. Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris.

    (Via Lunar BBDO)

  • Movie Scenes Through Typography

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    These are pretty cool, some better than others. Check out Film School Rejects for some other flicks.

  • Ira Glass on sticking it out

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    Really nice inspirational bit here from Ira Glass on sticking with your passion even if you suck, and how it took him 8 years to catch up with his own good taste.

    (from kottke)

  • Crazy Bastard

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    Did you know Marilyn Manson is a crazy bastard? Here’s proof.

  • Offset The Evil

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    For the upcoming Condemned 2 game release, Yukfoo in NZ created these three cutesy/macabre virals. One of which has now been pulled due to complications with Hasbro Toys surrounding the characters and their strong resemblance to the company’s trademarked My Little Ponies. Director: Julian Stokoe of Yukfoo. Agency: Clemenger BBDO.

    Check out the site that accompanies the campaign too. Lovely lovely.

    (Via Feed)

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