• Guitar Hero Extraordinaire

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    If you know Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you know this is the bomb diggity. If you don’t know what they are, it’s time to drop your pager and Crystal Pepsi and join us here in 2008.

  • << New Account Manager Job Posted

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    The Gene Pool is searching for an Account Manager. Job details here.

  • << New Web Coordinator Job Posted

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    Collective Licensing International is searching for a Web Coordinator. Job details here.

  • Louis CK is Our Prophet

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    Hallowed be his name.

    (from BigContrarian)

  • This Makes Us Long For The Razor Sharp :30 Commercial

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    Here’s an online spot (short film) for Staples from their ad agency Duffy & Shanley. It introduces a new character, Coach Tom, to help promote Gift it for Free, a contest giving away online carts full of merchandise to 10,000 lucky winners. The premise has potential, but at TWO MINUTES in length, the joke gets beaten like a Moroccan mule stuck in knee-deep mud. We know there is no overseeing body controlling the length of online content (and we’re thankful for that), but perhaps we all need to make a concerted effort to edit ourselves. Make a joke or two, make your point and move on. When it’s good, we’ll go along for a longer ride. When it’s not, cut your losses.

    (Via Adfreak)

  • Xbox 360 "Lips": Take On Me

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    Groovy work for Lips for the Xbox 360. Agency: T.A.G.

    (Via Coloribus)

  • Zune Spec Spot Inflicts Damage

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    We’re not posting this because we like it or condone it. In fact, when people do bad spec work for brands like Zune that have really exceptional advertising, it makes us want to smash our knuckles into their eyes. Let’s all agree we won’t hire the tasteless fools behind this creation, whoever they may be.

    Update: The spot was created by directing duo, Sibling Rivaly. Now, we know where to focus our hate.

    Zune Paint from Sibling Rivalry on Vimeo.

    (Via AdArena)

  • Bananas Aren't As Funny As We Thought

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    Here at TDE, we like to waste our time so you can waste just slightly less of yours. That’s why this morning we were tempted by a sticker we found on one of our perfectly ripened bananas. It read “LOL at eatachiquita.com.” A texting banana? Cute, right? And we love to LOL, so we decided to visit. Well we’re here to tell you, don’t bother. We didn’t LOL or even CALUOB (chuckle a little under our breath) once. We’re not anti-banana media. It’s just that if you’re going to talk to us while we’re enjoying a great source of potassium (okay, we learned ONE thing at eatachiquita.com) then you better make it worth the effort. So it remains, the funniest part of the banana is the peel left precariously on the floor. Oh, we also heard in the blogosphere that Chiquita sponsors terrorists or something. Nothing funny about that either.

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