• Which Hand Wash Ad Works Better?

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    Similar idea, different executions. The first is for Lifebuoy Hand Wash with the copy line, “You eat what you touch.” The second is for Purell Hand Wash with the copy line, “You are what you touch.” Which ad is more effective?

  • Chemical Brothers + Google Earth

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    Filmmakers, photographers and artists made their own short clip (from 2 to 20 seconds) or photograph on the theme of “Midnight Madness” – the name of The Chemical Brothers’ new single. The work was uploaded via the Chemical Brothers’ website to Google Earth and tagged with its exact global location. A selection of the best work was chosen and featured in this new concept music video for The Chemical Brothers, executed through the Google Earth application. Fantastic idea.

  • Metamorphosis

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    Glenn Marshall is one of Ireland’s most distinctive digital artists and accomplished computer animators. He began his professional career pioneering a 2d/3d combined animation technique for ‘The King’s Wake,’ one of the biggest budgeted animated films made in Ireland, which went on to win the Celtic Film & TV festival.

    This piece, entitled Metamorphosis, is programmed entirely in Processing. The music is by Boards of Canada – a track called ‘Corsair.’

    Metamorphosis from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.

  • Gas Bash

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    These signs were put up around Los Angeles as a public art demonstration.

    (Via Wooster Collective)

  • << New Account Management Position Posted

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    Cactus is looking to fill an Account Management position. Details here.

  • Welcome to Hotel Flatulence

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    Pardon the pun, but does anyone think this spot is going to backfire on ExtendedStay Hotels? Dirty.

  • Microsoft: "Life Without Walls" Outdoor and Print

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    This campaign is spreading like wildfire. Here’s a portion of the outdoor and print work from Crispin Porter + Bogusky. You can see more executions here. There’s also a comprehensive web presence to dig through at lifewithoutwalls.com.

    Also, funny to note someone named LuisDS looked at the metadata on the video for Microsoft’s new “I’m a PC” commercial and learned that it was made on a Mac using Adobe Creative Suite 3. Seems like there’s a place for both of these platforms in the world, now doesn’t it?

    (Via Cult of Mac)

  • Come Back Home, Baby

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    Chipotle is looking for a new agency, the company announced this morning. Its $15 million to $20 million business moved to DeVito/Verdi, New York, in January, following a review. It does not appear to be the most amicable of partings.

    Damn it, Chipotle, we told you about those wanky New Yorkers. Just hoping you listen this time and bring that account back this way. We could recommend some shops. More story on AdAge.

    (Thanks for the link, Mike.)

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