• Nike: Yellow Snow

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    If there’s one lesson is this psychedelic, new spot for Danny Kass’ signature Nike DK-YS Zoom Force 1 snowboarding boots, it’s that old mustard is an inexpensive and legal way to trip your balls off. The animation is based on the art by Seattle illustrator Arbito who originally designed the covering for the boots, then was hired to blow out the look into a jacket, shirt, posters, and an animated video. Sweetness.

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  • Circuit City Dumps Just in Time for the Super Bowl

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    Circuit City has announced it’s completely shutting down and that liquidation sales will begin tomorrow, January 17th, at all stores. Time to get that fatty flat-screen you’ve been dreaming about.

    Due to challenges to our business and the continued bleak economic environment, Circuit City is going out of business and the company’s assets will be liquidated to pay off creditors.

  • Ashley Madison Snubbed by Super Bowl

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    For all you married men (or women) looking to this year’s Super Bowl advertising to find a forum to engage in an extra-marital affair, prepare to be disappointed. Read more.

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  • Wondering Anything Else?

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    We’ll be cutting you off from asking any more questions in our The People Interview The Egotist post tonight. We’ll pick 10 of the questions people have asked for answering. So if you have anything more you’re wondering, please ask it now.

  • Nike's Taylor Momsen Viral

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    Here’s a fresh, new viral for Nike sports bras and shoes that features Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen leaving the gym and busting ninja-style to get away from paparazzi. Nike is not mentioned once in the piece, only hinted at visually.

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  • Breaking News: Integer's Alan Koenke Leaving Denver

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    We just heard from a friend that Chief Creative Officer of Integer Denver, Alan Koenke, is heading to NYC to open The Integer Group office there. We noticed his name has been removed as President of the New Denver Ad Club and that Lorelle Burke’s name has replaced it. Hmm… big hole left up there at TIG, unless a replacement has already been named.

  • Smart Marketer of the Day: Cadillac

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    While it’s crappy news piled on a heap of crappy news these days for US automakers, Cadillac has coyly played a trump card to start the new year with a loud bang.

    Jumping on board what will certainly be the largest news/pop culture event of ’09, Cadillac has just unveiled the Obamamobile—set for its maiden voyage January 20th when Barack rides along Pennsylvania Avenue after his inauguration—with Cadillac’s emblem front and center in the parade. Its official call sign is Cadillac One, and it will travel with Obama wherever in the world he goes.

    Some of the Features:
    • Glass that withstands armor piercing bullets
    • Kevlar reinforced tires
    • Hermetically-sealed interior to withstand chemical weapons
    • Bottles of Presidential blood on board in case he needs a transfusion

    Phat. Read all the details on Daily Mail.

  • Ad Agency Layoff Counter

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    Depressingly awesome site of the day: Bnet’s Ad Agency Layoff Counter.

    Every time we hear about job losses at an ad business, we’ll update the count. At least 6,624 jobs to date.

    See also: Agency Spy’s Agency Layoffs Twitter Feed.

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