• Huntington Beach Weed

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    Messes with your head.

    (Thanks, Gordy)

  • Holiday Leftovers from Jack Link's

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    On the heels of the highly awarded Jack Link’s Messin’ With Sasquatch holiday email from Xylem last year, comes another entertaining microsite in which you get to shave a holiday greeting into the back of the mighty beast. Nice work, people.

  • Cypher13's '08 Retrospective

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    Boulder’s design studio, Cypher13, had an impressive year of artistic, cultural and commercial success in 2008. Look at all they achieved in the retrospective they’ve put together in this microsite. Refreshing to see how often these guys play outside the boundaries.

  • W+K12 Seeks Year 6

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    If you’re a young thrill seeker, free of family, obligations, house payments and anything else rooting you to Colorado, send your shit in to this.

    WK12 is an experiment. It’s a school, a mini ad agency, and an idea factory.

    We’re housed in Wieden+Kennedy’s Portland headquarters. We do real work with real clients, but we also have time to do art projects, make films, and go on adventures. In WK12 we learn to solve problems.

    Show us what you can do. Send portfolios, CDs, DVDs, websites, blogs… anything that you write, design, make, and create – it just has to fit into a 9“x12” envelope and get here by January 30, 2009.

    For more info visit: wk12.com.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Love, WK12

    WK12 seeks Year 6 from wktwelve on Vimeo.

  • Ray Ban's Cow Birth Viral

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    Creating something to be passed around virally online is a viable marketing strategy today. But when it’s impossible to detect any brand benefit in the work, it’s very hard to swallow. What’s your impression of this new vid for Ray Ban Sunglasses? Agency: Cutwater, San Francisco.

  • Virgin Atlantic: 25 Years, Still Red Hot

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    Ah ’84, we miss ya in so many ways.

    (Via Scamp)

  • Winter X Games: The Spark

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    Oh baby, sweet spot. Agency: The Martin Agency.

    (Via The Ad Mad!)

  • Cashing In On iPhone Fart Apps

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    In what’s got to be the most incredible moneymaking story this year, developer InfoMedia (Joel Comm) created an iPhone app called iFart Mobile that has made them nearly $10,000 a day ($9,198 in one day alone). As of December 23, the $.99 app hit the number one overall position with over 13,000 downloads. Never underestimate the power of flatus.

    (Via VentureBeat)

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