• The Importance of Winning Awards In Advertising

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    This will be the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a while. It’s a short called, “The Importance of Awards in Advertising,” written and directed by Jim Hosking (who actually has a pretty rad reel) to promote AWARD (Australian Writers and Art Directors Association. WOW.

  • Stetson Tips its Hat to our New Commander in Chief

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    A new campaign by Pure has got classic cool written all over it. Hat for Obama is admittedly the 123,397th campaign that piggybacks the next president’s mass pop culture appeal, but it’s still quite cool. Check out the below video and the campaign site to learn more. And let’s hope we see Obama rocking a Stetson come inauguration day.

  • A Short History of Marketing

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    A piece created by Michael Reissinger for Scholz & Friends that proves how difficult our job really is.

    A short history of marketing from Michael Reissinger on Vimeo.

    (Via Adverblog)

  • Denver and Boulder Agencies Showing Off Their Digs

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    If you don’t already follow it, This Ain’t No Disco (It’s Where We Work) is a very cool site that shows photos of agency interiors from around the world. Yesterday, interactive shop, The1stMovement, was featured on the site – demonstrating how lucky they are to have finally gotten out of the Tech Center and into some fresh, new paint downtown.

    Today, oddly enough, the site has some shots of Boulder’s cypher13 design studio. Alright, Factory, time to send some pics of your place to make it a trifecta.

    (Thanks, Zach)

  • New Rant: Why Are We Anonymous? Why Do You Need to Ask? >>

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    Felix tackles this touchy and complex issue in his rant this week, offering some of the key reasons for our decision. There are many others. Read some concrete thinking we absolutely share in the rant.

  • Lucky

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    We stumbled upon this compilation video of a bunch of lucky individuals. It’s sort of like a Michael Bay viral video…except directed a little better. No offense, Mr. Bay. Watch it and see if you believe in fate.

    (Via Liveleak)

  • Kalle Lasn: Archive Interview

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    There’s an intense and thoroughly thought-provoking interview with Kalle Lasn in the latest issue of Archive Magazine that we highly recommend picking up. Lasn is one of the founders of the Vancouver-based not-for-profit, anti-consumerist Adbusters Media Foundation.

    Among explaining what subvertising is and how he plans to dismount the mighty Nike with his own sneaker brand, Lasn goes into a run-down of how advertising is responsible for many of the woes in the world today. A quote from the interview follows.

    “[Advertising] just got massively out of hand at a time when we’re experiencing climate change, at a time when we’re experiencing mental dysfunction, and at a time that we’re in a war against terror. We’ve got three big things wrong with our global situation right now. One is that we’re using up too much energy. We’re consuming too much. And secondly, we’re in an epidemic of mental illness: mood disorders, anxiety attacks, and depressions are going up exponentially. The World Health Organization is warning us that, in a few years, mental disease is going to be bigger than heart disease. And then we’re in this never-ending war against terror, which is partly fueled by the fact that there’s such a huge gap between the rich and the poor people of the world. And advertising has something to do with all those three things. If we, the rich one billion people on the planet, are already consuming too much, then why do we need a five-hundred-billion-dollar-a-year industry telling us every day, three thousand times a day, to consumer even more? It’s oxymoronic. There’s something crazy about that kind of an industry. I predict that the advertising industry will collapse down to something much more like a bread-and-butter kind of industry over the next ten years. Right now, it’s five hundred billion dollars a year. I think that in the year 2010 it’s only going to start going down; after going up for a hundred years, it’s now reached a kind of rupture point.”

  • Free Web Development Project Estimator

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    You might be using a program like Creative Manager or Basecamp for estimating your web jobs. Then again, if you’re an individual or small company, you might find the Web Development Project Estimator developed by Madison, Wisconsin studio, Astuteo, all you’d ever need.

    The Web Development Project Estimator is a simple tool that allows web designers and site developers to quickly and thoroughly estimate the time and materials required for a proposed web project. Sweet stuff, Astuteo. Thank you.

    (Via Coudal)

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