• BMW Proves Just How Well Its M4 Performs on the Ultimate Racetrack

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    Gotta think there's some VFX involved here.

  • New Co-Working Space Opening August 1: WiMi Spaces

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    WiMi Spaces, located in Denver’s RINO Art District, is the future home to a curated mix of creatives. They're seeking to build a community of like-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses in the creative sector. They do this by providing a superior workspace, assembling a curated group of creative entrepreneurs, and acting as a resource for businesses and agencies looking for talent.

    Amenities include open workspace, meeting space, access to gym/shower/steamroom, pool built from shipping containers (just to name a few). Dedicated desks at $350, access to community table workspace starting at $150.

    WiMi Spaces opens August 1 and is currently accepting applications.

  • Planning, Etc.

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    A lesson for the student types and anyone else that needs some brushing up from Russell Davies.

  • Boulder's Berger & Föhr Launches "Editions" Online Store

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    For years, Berger & Föhr have been designing posters that show up on the walls of art shows. Now, they've bundled their poster work together and made if available for purchase through a new online print store. Poke around and see what you like. Site dev by Grant Blakeman.

  • Interactive Bus Board Provides Shelter — and a Memorable Message — to the Homeless

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    Super smart idea from RainCity Housing — a Canadian charity that provides homeless housing and support services.


  • 2014 Demo Reel from Denver's Freed Motion

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    Motion design studio, Freed — who has grown to provide a suite of production offerings as they continue to morph with the needs of clients — has just released a new reel. It's a good glimpse at a strong year's worth of work. Blood, sweat, tears and a lot of coffee went into this one. Congrats, guys.

  • Obama's Night in Denver Makes Us Look Dumb

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    President Obama was in Denver yesterday afternoon and evening making his way about town and having dinner with five Americans who wrote him letters about the economy. During his time here, a woman slipped her business card into his shirt pocket unsuspectingly, a man in a horse mask shook his hand on a street corner and another asked the President if he'd like a hit of weed. Have some respect, people. He's the President of The United States.

    Mashable posted some photo and video outtakes of the fiasco if you want to see more.

  • Tickets Now On Sale for Develop Denver

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    Tickets for Develop Denver (August 1st & 2nd) — a gathering of the makers, doers, movers and shakers in the development and design community — have gone on sale. They're going quick and the price will go up as we get closer to the event, so get your ticket soon. A ticket will get you access to all events, panels and parties.

    Develop Denver is all about growing and bringing the community together, so come hang out and get a little nerdy. Meet up with friends, make new ones and learn something at the same time. This year's schedule has been released and it’s looking amazing, covering a wide variety of topics, it’s shaping up to be a stellar two days.

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