• We'll do a lot to fight cancer. But we wouldn't wax our balls. Some people apparently will though.

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    How do you get young guys to expose their balls and check them regularly for testicular cancer? Host a party and challenge them to get waxed to bring the issue into the broad light of day. A collaboration between Crush and BBDO, the resulting reactions are both hilarious and effective. Testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer for males between the ages of 15-29 but it is also the most treatable if caught early. Despite that, awareness of testicular cancer is low. This may just change that.

  • Moo cards new spot.

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    We love Moo. They're a great company that does awesome business cards and more. And we definitely love this new spot from them. It's fun, a little weird and full of the Moo playfulness that defines their brand.

    MOO Printfinity from KK Outlet on Vimeo.


  • Facebook's April Fool's prank.

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    Or more like Facebook's commercial about someone else's April Fool's prank.

  • Now THIS is how you sell a dinner roll.

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    Smart. Funny. Gives people a differentiator. Funny. Simple. And funny. This is one of those nightmare college assignments - do an ad for dinner rolls. And man did Energy BBDO ever knock it out of the park.


  • Goodby creatives remix the Adobe logo.

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    The #AdobeRemix campaign invites creative talents across the world to reinterpret Adobe’s logo, putting their own creative mark on the Adobe brand.

    When Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ BETA Group was asked to participate in the project, they wanted to showcase our creativity as creative developers, technologists and makers. So they re-created Adobe’s logo as a physical installation with 100 handmade cubes, each one correlating to an artist using Adobe software in real time.

    The cubes, handmade with acrylic windows and a wooden frame, each house 60 LED lights that function through a custom built embedded hardware system. This system provides data and energy to each cube. The data is then collected by agency-developed software installed in each artist’s computer. The software then tracks mouse activity and sends the pixel color of the artist’s current work back through the embedded system to each cube in real time.

    Crazy complicated and very, very cool. Learn all about the project here.

    Adobe Lights from Stevie Laux on Vimeo.

  • Goodby Silverstein and Xfinity offer the ultimate binge-watching setup.

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    This is pretty kick ass: All this week XFINITY is offering more than 5,000 episodes from over 130 series across 48 premium channels available for free to Comcast customers. To celebrate this complete bingefest, XFINITY partnered with AirBnB to rent out homes that re-create the worlds from Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and The Wire.

    The campaign, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, offers winners the chance to immerse themselves in the lives and milieus of their favorite characters—a kind of “method” fandom.

    Fans get the full experience: The guests inside the Boardwalk Empire home receive themed wardrobes—flapper dresses, tuxedos and other 1920s garb—to wear while playing craps. Fans staying inside the Game of Thrones home will get to spend the week with a direwolf (well, a trained wolf dog) and dine on massive turkey legs and goblets of wine. The Wire home, complete with binoculars and other fun police gadgets, will have a “suspect wall” from which guests will put together clues to help with their investigating.

    We. Want. In.

  • Airbnb Presents: Airbrb

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    Come on. You know there's some startup out there trying to do this.

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