• Poster Plays Music on Your iPhone Letting You 'Feel Flavor'

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    Herb and spice brand Schwartz is all about flavor. To demonstrate, Print Tech collective, Novalia and Grey London collaborated on this interactive poster that uses innovative ‘touch sensitive’ inks to turn the surface area of the paper into an interactive interface.

    Each herb and spice depicted in the artwork is assigned a musical chord matching its flavor characteristic. The image was then back-printed with an innovative conductive ink, giving the poster capacitive touch technology. When paired with a mobile device via Bluetooth, the poster becomes an interactive musical instrument.

  • A Living Room Transforms into a Giant Pinball Game in Heineken's New Ambient Experience

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    ‘The Sub’ is a futuristic beer draft machine designed by Marc Newson that helps you "master the game of successful hosting." Publicis Italia launched The Sub during Milan Design Week. It was placed in a well-designed living room like so many others at the event. People who dared to pull its lever triggered a transformation of the living room into a Guinness-World-Record-breaking-sized pinball game. At the end of every game, a super appeared on the pinball’s screen: ‘The Sub has emerged. Play it at home.’

  • Denver's Vladimir Jones Breaks First Work for Smashburger

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    Smashburger, the national better burger restaurant known for smashed-to-order burgers based here in Colorado, partnered with Vladimir Jones "to bring optimism and energy to the handcrafted burger category." Visually, we like that the outdoor board backgrounds blend with the blue of the sky to make the burger pop (assuming that was the intent). We do wonder, however, why the work doesn't focus on what seems to be the true differentiator of the brand — the unique cooking method that makes the burgers juicy good.

  • Okay, We're Learning First Aid Now

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    And that's how you use emotion to sell. Extremely evocative. Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth.

  • Studio C3 Ushers Junior Achievement into the 21st Century

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    Junior Achievement does a lot of things well. The challenge is that their program wasn’t built for the digital age. With major plans of adopting a technology-focused curriculum, Junior Achievement hired Studio C3 to bring their vision to life. “JA’s New Kicks” is a concept piece, showing the future of Junior Achievement.

    Agency/Production Company: Studio C3
    Director/Director of Photography: Kaleb Kohart
    Editor: Kaleb Kohart

    Writer: Karen Morris
    Account Services/Producer: Jen Merrigan
    Locations: Pure Brand Communications, Regis University, Palmer Ridge High School

  • Two New Personal Digital Art Projects from Denver's CacheFlowe

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    Ever-experimental director/developer/musician Justin Gitlin (aka CacheFlowe) has been releasing some fun art projects recently. Fun fact: both of these are open source in Justin's Haxademic project that houses all of his processing code if you want to take 'em and make 'em yours.

    The first was a visual collaboration for the Communikey Festival in Boulder this past weekend. Justin built a custom projection mapped audio-reactive visual system for an origami-based 3D structure that was created for the main music event on Saturday night.

    Another recent project is a projection mapped Kinect-based drum machine.

  • Please Your Prom Date with a KFC Chicken Corsage

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    Yes, unbelievably, it's real. Get one for $20 here — and guarantee you get to first base.

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