• The First Ad Campaign Paid for in BBQ

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    To prove that Montana’s 'Best of BBQ Sampler' event is irresistible, the restaurant tried to shoot an entire ad campaign by bartering with BBQ ribs, sausages, chicken, brisket and shrimp. And it worked.

    Created by Vancouver-based ad agency One Twenty Three West, Montana’s surprised real businesses in Toronto by simply walking in and offering a plate of BBQ meat in exchange for goods and services. But the bartering didn’t end there. The entire production crew and advertising agency also agreed to take part of their payment in BBQ. Try that shit with tofu.

  • Where's Stuff Go When It's Confiscated from the Illegal Wildlife Trade? Denver, Of Course.

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    "Just outside Denver (in Commerce City), a government facility stores more than a million products of the illegal wildlife trade, from tigers and bears to elephant ivory. These items are confiscated at points of entry around the United States, and sent to the National Wildlife Property Repository to be destroyed or used for educational purposes. The Repository is a revealing window into the growing global industry of wildlife and plant trafficking, which has been estimated at up to $23 billion."

    This is both sad and incredibly surreal at the same time.


  • A Sneak Peek at The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Screened at Comic-Con

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    Comic-Con attendees got an early taste of the long-awaited Simpsons/Family Guy crossover when a sneak preview of the episode aired during Saturday's Family Guy panel. Like peanut butter and jelly.

  • #SiteLaunch: GlutenFree.com – Via Boulder's MADE Movement

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    With this new site from MADE and good-for-you packaged goods company, Boulder Brands, the gluten free diet goes digital. They've built the first online resource dedicated to registered dietitians serving gluten-free clients. It allows users to browse, curate and share. (With the help of a great URL) the site is now ranked #3 in search with 5,000 account holders.

    Visit the Site.

  • Just Who Invented the High Five?

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    This new ESPN 30 for 30 Short explores the origins and nuances of the high five, bringing to life the unique legacy of the gesture and the story of one of its unsung originators. “The High Five,” directed by Michael Jacobs of Strike Anywhere, tells the story of Glenn Burke and his origins as a baseball prodigy, his time in the majors and the spontaneous "invention" of the gesture. Trailer below. Watch the full film here.

    "When Dusty Baker hit his 30th home run for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1977, the first man to greet him at home plate was his friend and teammate, rookie Glenn Burke. Overcome with happiness, Burke did the first thing that came to mind — he put his hand straight in the air and had Baker slap it. Welcome to the birth of the high five."

  • Drone-vertising Seeks to Bug the Shit Out of You at Work

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    Just what the world needs.

  • VICE Profiles Colorado's DIY Tattoo Parlor, No Class

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    No Class is a DIY tattoo parlor run by skater Jesse Brocato from his living room in Fairplay, Colorado. Every tattoo from No Class is free, provided you're at least halfway tanked when you start laying the ink on yourself. Check out VICE's interview with Jesse.

    "It all started one night when we found out that our friend Shane had a tattoo gun. We told him to bring it over, and he thought he was going to tattoo us, but we were like, "Fuck, give us that,” and we started tattooing ourselves.

    That night I fell in love. I was like, “I’m never paying for a tattoo again.” Everyone pays thousands of bucks to get these fancy tattoos. The idea behind No Class is, why would you want a fancy tattoo when you could have a shitty ghetto tattoo?"

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