USA Men’s Soccer Team World Cup Qualifier Poster from Denver Illustrator Shaw Nielsen

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This illustration, for the men’s USA Soccer team, was created by Shaw Nielsen to help promote a World Cup Qualifier that will be played here in Denver. The US team is taking on Costa Rica. The poster is the first in a series that'll be created by local artists, illustrators and designers in all the cities holding World Cup Qualifiers. This version is being silk screen printed by the talented guys over at Indy Ink.

For anyone interested in getting their hands on the poster, some of them will be sold at a pep rally held this Thursday the 21st at the Paramount Theatre. Shaw will be hanging out and signing posters for whoever buys one (more info here). The rest of the posters will be signed separately and sold as numbered edition at a later date.


do you happen to know eric nyffeler?

I haven't, pretty killer work though.

I was actually looking at this image when I came up with the idea:

Though, not surprised that we came up with something similar, as mountains as triangles have been hashed and rehashed in the design/illustration/art world for quite some time.

yeah just thought I'd ask since hes really not that far away. keep up the good work!

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