New Video for Single "As I Am" from Denver Band Paper Bird – Via Eric Bakst and Ryan Policky

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The Lumineers, one of Denver's biggest breakout bands over the last few years, took Paper Bird on the road with them as their opening band last fall. Both groups cut their teeth on Denver's bar circuit. Now, Paper Bird is looking to spread their wings in 2013. Drummer Mark Anderson explains the concept behind their new music video for their single "As I Am" on American Songwriter's website.

“In this video, you see the seven members of Paper Bird working together to arrange and construct a large sculpture made with an assortment of materials — yarn, wood, metal, bone, wire, fabric, etc. These sculptures in their completion are the “rooms” where we join to play “As I Am.” The construction of the physical rooms was very similar to the process of writing our album. We all presented different elements and materials in the process of writing and recording, and the album’s sound is entirely the product of our collective contributions. There is no sole writer in Paper Bird; we all write then allow the rest of the members to interpret the songs and contribute to the finished sound. The video really was our way of celebrating this album [by] visually representing what it was like to write and record it.”

Yeah, Denver.

Producer / Director: Eric Bakst
Director of Photography: Ryan Policky
Editor: Eric Bakst


Super cool! Great tune and beautifully shot. Nice work Ryan and Eric!

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