GoodnessWorks Denver Dedicates an Afternoon at the Children's Hospital

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GoodnessWorks closed the doors early last Friday to do a little good in the community. The team paired up with children of all ages at the hospital and organized a craft station, allowing children to create their own custom pillowcase. Most of the children were patients, however, some of the participants were family or friends of loved ones seeking care at the hospital. One young boy had a 7-year-old brother undergoing brain surgery at the time he was making his pillowcase. It seemed to take his mind off of his concern for his little brother and gave him an opportunity to create a gift for him during recovery.

"Seeing and hearing the positive impact it made on our employees and the community was a great outcome," said Blake Ebel, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of GoodnessWorks. "We are hoping that the time with the kids and their family and friends helped make their day a little brighter."

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