#ShitToHit: Tonight – Paileontology: Vintage Lunchbox Art

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Think back: What was the first art object you ever owned? For many of us, it may have been the ubiquitous lunchbox, where pop culture, art and design intersected the PB&J. This is the thought behind Paileontology: Vintage Lunchbox Art, which opens tonight at Blue Dot Studio.

“Television transformed the lunchbox in the 1950s, offering children a new form of self-expression,” explains Blue Dot owner Beth Erkelens. “Comic books, radio shows and television introduced a cast of characters to schoolchildren. Champions of the Wild West and explorers of outer space adorned metal lunchboxes and drink containers.”

Paileontology pulls together more than a hundred metal and plastic lunch boxes from the private collections of Erkelens and Brandon Hamilton. From vintage TV and film characters to music groups, the exhibit spans several decades and charts a course through the storied history of one of the few art forms that can also hold chips and an apple.

The exhibit opens at 5:30 p.m. at Blue Dot Studio, 209 Kalamath Street, Unit 3. A second, kid-friendly showing starts at noon Saturday, March 2. Admission is free.


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